House Sawall

Sawall is one of the major Houses, not because of its particular prowess in anything, but because its Ways are intimately connected to the Ways of Suhuy, and thus to the maddened maze that houses the Logrus.

Notable members of the House include the following:


Lady Dara is the widow of the deceased Lord Gramble, the last head of House Sawall. She married him shortly after the Patternfall War, and it is an open secret that she and her stepson, Mandor, were the true powers behind House Sawall during the last years of Gramble's illness. It is unlikely that Dara has ceased to be a power in Sawall, or in the Courts, simply because her husband is dead.

Further information on Dara and her relationship to the family of Amber can be found in the section on the younger generation of Amber.


Mandor, Lord Gramble's son by his first wife, is the current head of House Sawall. Before taking over the leadership of the House two decades ago, Mandor was well-known as a sorcerer and master of the Logrus, and as a masterly and charming politician.

In the wake of the purges following King Swayvill's recovery, Mandor was called before Swayvill to answer for accusations that he bore responsibility for certain unsavoury events during the times when it looked as though a new king would be needed in Chaos. It is not known exactly what came of it, but ever since that day, Mandor has walked with a permanent limp in his right leg, a maiming that follows him in all the forms he shapeshifts into. He walks with an ivory cane, and seems something of a diminished man to those who knew him from before. The general assumption is that Mandor was of more use to Swayvill alive than dead, but was given a permanent reminder of the costs that could come from crossing the revitalized king.

Certain rumours have linked him romantically to Princess Fiona of Amber.


Merlin was Dara's son by Corwin of Amber, born before she married Gramble of Sawall. He was officially adopted by Gramble, thus placing him ahead of Gramble's two sons by Dara in the line of succession. Merlin is known to have feuded with his younger brother Jurt, but they apparently patched things up shortly before Merlin disappeared.

More information on Merlin and his relationship to the family of Amber can be found in the section on the younger generation of Amber.


Despil is the elder of the two sons Dara bore to Gramble, and he continues to make his residence in House Sawall now that his stepbrother Mandor is in charge.

Despil is a quiet and private man, without much taste for politics or high society. Or anything, really, as far as anyone knows. He keeps to himself, and seems quite content to let others keep to themselves, so long as they don't bother him. He is known to have taken the Logrus and explored Shadow in the years following, but soon returned to Chaos, apparently unchanged by the experience.


The younger of Dara's sons by Gramble, Jurt feuded with his half-brother Merlin for years, but apparently came to peace with him some time after he took the Logrus, disappeared into Shadow, and returned to the Courts, rumoured to be the possessor of strange new powers.

Jurt is not much seen around the Courts these days, apparently preferring to spend his time in Shadow. When he does speak of the vanished Merlin, it is almost with a kind of fondness. When he does appear in the Courts, it is generally in the company of a sorceress named Julia, a beautiful and skilled woman who is assumed to be his lover.


Suhuy is the elder brother of the deceased Gramble, and is thus nominally a member of House Sawall. He is far more important in his role of Keeper of the Logrus, however; he is the man responsible for ensuring the Ways leading to the Logrus are maintained and safeguarded, and he has the power, skill and experience to do so.

Suhuy is probably the greatest mage and master of the Logrus in the entire Courts of Chaos, and is a skilled trump artist on top of all that. If you have taken the Logrus, or even expressed an interest in taking it, you have had some interaction with him.