"I have spoken before of Fiona as the product of a master craftsman, and on the next card was a solid, sober man who might well have fit that description. Except, of course, that it was Fiona created him, not the other way around. He wore an apron of sober brown, and his trousers and shirt were a muddy sort of color that were green or black depending on how the light fell on it, and his hair was black and red by turns. He held a hammer in one hand, a book in the other, and stood before a Tudor public house. I noted his broad, stern face and hard blue eyes. He reminded me of glowing iron and Salem and all the worn, haunted roads I've walked in my time. Tobias Wayland Smith, he was called, and I liked that part of him I saw -- one artist to another."

- Corwin

It is unclear exactly where or when Tobias was born. The castle staff report that a soldier named Tobias Wayland returned from the Patternfall War to set up shop as a blacksmith, and he was a staple of Amber ever since. Several years ago Fiona made it known that he was her son, and Random officially recognized him. It seems to have made little difference in his life, and most view him more in light of his trade than his rank.

This is probably because he's very good at that trade. Tobias made Gerard his current Big Sword, shoed Morganstern without noticable trouble, designed and personally built the memorials to Dierdre, Brand, and Eric, and upgraded the castle defenses in consultation with Benedict. He is also known to be a scholar, and is frequently found in debate with Malcolm over some obscure point or another.

Tobias is a quiet, polite, sober sort of fellow who seems to distrust anything that doesn't serve a useful purpose or have its roots mired firmly in tradition. He is the despair of Flora, who has tried and failed to school who in the flowery ways of the court. Most of the family is on good term with him, the currently-deceased Caine being a notable exception. His colors are green, black, and brown, and his symbol is the pouncing cat.