NPCs of Note

Kageru Shinobu, Your Boss

Cosm of Origin: Core Earth

Quote: "The client is liable to all damages to personel and zones of operation during the period of engagement of our services. So...we're hired? WOO WOO!"

Shinobu Kageru is a short woman with red hair in a twin-ponytail style which looks rather childish. She often acts rather childishly as well, with very exuberant emotions and a tendency to pout when things don't go her way. Despite this, she seems to be a fairly competent manager of her business and business is good.

Besides her financial skills, she is also noted for being a pretty good shot with a crossbow and fairly charismatic; she's good at talking people into things they later can't understand why they agreed to it. She is a storm knight; she has yet to share the nature of her moment of crisis.

She is your boss, the owner and manager of KRISIS.