TORG Quotes 1

As you come into the office, your boss is up on her desk, target shooting a human-sized outline on the far wall. The head of the outline has a picture of Vanilla Ice's head taped in place over it.

--There are evils which do not sleep...

Aaron Burr looks impressed. "You bagged something! Listen to it scream! Good bank shot."

--Shortly after James accidentally shot Ken's car and the alarm went off...

Anko finally manages to get all the buckles on her shoes tightened and stands up. She takes one hesitant step, wobbles a little, then looks thoughtful. Another two steps, a quick glide, and then she leaps, twists and comes down skating backwards in the same direction. She hops again, now moving forward and veers left to avoid hitting the wall at high speed. "Oooh! I like them."

Iron Chef DaR exclaims, "FIRST IN SKATE NINJA!"

--The evil begins...

Dean says, "It was one mean bastard of a dog. Damn thing tried to chew up that cute insurance chick, then we had to fill it full of lead." He shivers. "Damn thing has to be a terminator."

--Sgt. Dean gives his theory

Dean says, "I'm thinking that Gauss probably came here from the future to stop the rise of the machines, so they sent the dog to kill him, and then it settled down to helping to wipe out humanity."

--Further explanation

Kretchmar says, "So, are you all here to use up all the oxygen so I die, or do you have some actual reason for coming here?"

--Voted Least Congenial at his college, one suspects.

Akio says, "It's the word of a blood fetish ninja, a disgraced agent, a refugee, an old man, and the third vice-president of the united states against them."

--Yeah, the odds are looking good...

Bob Spade says, "roll 13 DAMN YOU CURSE UNHAND ME"

Result is: -12 (Possible 1 case) (total: 1) for Bob Spade

Random stares

Iron Chef DaR says, "..."

Mike says, "..."


Akio laughs hystercially.

Random weeps


--Not Rod's day