This Old Chantry

In which the players do things you ain't never gonna see on 'Home Improvement'.

As the test game for John Biles' new Diceless adaptation of White Wolf's Mage: The Ascension RPG, this one-shot scenario will be set in the college town of Lawrence, Kansas. After 30 years, the Free State Cabal is rising from the ashes. But a cabal needs a chantry, and the old one has been abandoned for years. Can the players make repairs and move in without causing Technocracy termination teams to move in and sterilize the area? Can they reclaim their heritage without waking up slumbering Antediluvians? Can they deal with their chantry head without causing him to go Nephandi and summon the Urge-Wyrm of Elvii? Can they measure twice and cut once?

Probably not.

Results of the game!

It was a pretty horrible disaster, in the end. Meeting with Biles as he was recovering from Quiet wasn't too bad. However, there turned out to be a pretty nasty Garou who had taken up residence in the Chantry, somehow unbeknownst to either Biles or the Professor. One thing led to another, and there was a fight and magic tossed around. This got the Technocracy involved in a big way, especially once things got Vulgar and both Technocracy agents got toasted. The Chantry blew up, most of the PCs bit it (as did the Professor), and Biles hightailed it out of town as did the two survivors. Check the character page for details.

Oh, the game system? Seems to work just dandy, overall, in contrast to the efforts of the PCs. The time system may need to be scrapped, since it just wasn't working too well for this kind of play.