To: New Free Staters

Subject: Welcome aboard!

Hi, folks. Just thought I'd send you a little email telling you what to expect in the area. You can refer to the tourism files I've appended for the Sleeper take on the town; this is just my view on the, shall we say, less than visible aspects of Lawrence.

This college town has been a Tradition stronghold for years, ever since the Civil War. Hermetics were behind the founding of KU, and the Free State Cabal used to be the most powerful in the state of Kansas. Unfortunately, folks got a little too arrogant, and flaunted their power. :( The Technocracy wiped them out in 1971. Lawrence has been a no-go zone ever since.

But that's changing. The last Technocracy agent in town was pretty laid back, not that he had a whole lot to do. He was rotated out a couple months ago, and I was able to intercept the files and orders of the new team. We have Mr. Dortmunder of the NWO and Mr. Chen of ItX?, both of them working out of a shop on Mass Ave. From the looks of their service records, they got sent here because they slacked and botched too many jobs in more vital regions, so they should be no trouble if we do things right and don't call attention to ourselves.

Your old Cabals have sent you to us as the seed of a new Free State Cabal, and we're glad to have you. I'm the Assistant Cabal Magister; you'll meet the Magister himself when you arrive. I think our first order of business will be to repair and reoccupy the old chantry, but that's a call for the Magister to make.

I've lived in the area for years, and over time I've kept a close I on who or what is in town. I'll go over the various groups below.

Vampires: I think there are between 2 to 4 of them in Lawrence. They're sneaky things, and only my PowerLeech? Statistical Vampire Scanner program lets me know that they're around at all. While they don't cause much trouble, I can't say I'm happy to have them. :(

Werewolves: We haven't had any of these big furry monsters in the area since the mid-60s. :) Since they travel in packs and have, shall we say, unique and flagrant dining habits, they're easier to spot than Vampires.

Nephandi: There was a Nephandic mage in Lawrence for three years in the mid-'80s. He may have occupied the chantry. However, he was killed by Wilt Chamberlain of the Cult of Esctacy in '87, and is confirmed dead. Still, he may have polluted the chantry node; I hope the Chorusers among you are good at cleansing Quinttessence sources.

Others: The usual local spirits and such, all harmless.

Pretty boring, huh? :)

I've hacked the KU computer system and given each of you a dorm room. Your key, as well as a student ID and a map, will arrive in the mail. You'll find an address and time in the dorm room; that's our meeting spot.

See you on Monday!

- Professor W.