A Flawed Amber inhabited by a bunch of odd people named silly things like Corwin, Benedict, Fiona and Random. Most of their royal family is presumably dead by now, after their second heavy-duty tangle with the far more l33t forces of the One True Amber.

...at least, so it seemed until the third battle (these things always seem to come in threes), in which a gigantic war train construct carrying the entirety of Black Unicorn Amber within it attacked the Shalomar Naval Base and made off with Merehallow and Kozue.

The final battle saw the war train lured into Lian's Shadow planet, Mechanus, and decisively destroyed by a large force of Amberites and their allies, assisted unexpectedly by the enigmatic, scone-baking, spatula-wielding Kuonji Ukyou. Woman and weapon were also retrieved. The unfortunate loss of the Talathian Pre-Logrus Power Sculpture of Pindin, used (in Kuonji's inimitable words) as a gigantic "Logrus nuke" against the war train, was deeply regrettable, as was the near total destruction of Mechanus in the process of the train's destruction.

All hail torpedoes!