Beowulf Kohl, D.PLH, Panopticon University

Son of Wakaba and ?

Beowulf is the great explorer of his generation and has probably explored more of Shadow than any of the rest of them (although Thoric knows the Golden Circle better than him). An amiable soul, he tends to be a voice of reason and peace, despite his notable ability to kick most people's ass.

Beowulf is known to possess a magic bag, rumored to contain an entire shadow inside it, and certainly containing goodies ranging from cups of tea to entire zeppelins.

Beowulf seems to be on quite intimate terms with Lily? of late, and has been seen with her and her sister Mitsune quite a bit.

The governments of Siam and Kashmir (effectively the KTC), have put bounties on the head of Beowulf, Kanna, and Lian to the tune of one Comet (equivalent to 5,000 Royals. By way of comparison, one could support a family of five at a middle-class standard of living for 100 months on this bounty). They claim Beowulf, Kanna, and Lian are guilty of piracy.

Beowulf is known to have helped to rescue Nanami and Drake from crazed cyborgs recently, and to have helped to rescue the Tenjous as well. He was originally interested in the spikard Hoard of the Dragon, but kept getting distracted by other tasks after obtaining first one and then a second key to the chest where it was kept; he gave up all claim on it after Kuonji made that a condition of handing the third key to Motoko. He attended Marching with Lily.

After Marching, he ran around on a variety of tasks for the family: recovering Daffyl's Eye from Leng (and participating in the Serpent's Horn battle afterwards); helping Kanna rescue Lian from an alternate universe after one of Wasyuu's experiments went wrong; and destroying the Outsider construct of the Herald candidate Pharoah Mobius, along with Mobius himself.

In addition, his investigation of a mystery Trump that appeared in his deck led to the discovery of one of Annadil?'s major strongholds (possibly the Castle of Night mentioned in the Red Book of Malin?) With the assistance of Lily, Naru, and Touga, he explored the castle and recovered Annadil's library for later research (minus some dangerous books destroyed on the advice of Anno); this team then assisted Miki in sealing off the Outsider-tainted trump font in the basement, and the stronghold's shadow was sealed off by the combined efforts of Anno and several of the Amber royal family.

He was later attacked in the Courts by the Chaos assassin team of Vice and Mature, and managed to trap Vice in his bag, later capturing her with the assistance of Jacqui, Thoric, and Mutsumi; unfortunately, his follow-up attempt to capture Mature was a near-disaster and resulted in Vice's escape.

This event paled, however, in comparison with his attempt to assist Moriya in retrieving the Logrusfoil Trust from what was supposed to be a museum shadow. The shadow turned out to be a deathtrap, set by Annadil; Beowulf burned his arms to uselessness in Primal fire saving Shinobu Minor's life, and was unable to help Moriya in the final fight that killed him. He has carried around a major load of guilt because of this, compounded by learning of Lian's death shortly after; he was taken to task for this by several people at Moriya's funeral, however, and has been trying to bring this under control.

During the funeral, he learned the true story behind Lian's death from Motoko; this, combined with an alarming 'answering machine' message responding to Wasyuu's trump calls, led him to visit Wasyuu's base with Kanna, Shinobu and Keitaro to try and talk her out of dumping a bomb the size of a solar system into the Abyss. After some trouble talking their way in, when he found to his embarrassment that offering to hug Wasyuu was the easiest way to get her to believe it was him, they manage to convince her to come along with them to destroy the last remaining Outsider construct, the one used by Warlord Kranod of Tharkold. He was twitchy for some days after that, whenever Wasyuu wasn't looking...

After a week of planning and preparation, including a scouting run to the construct's home shadow, the team of Beowulf, Lily, Mitsune, Kanna, Wasyuu, Jacqui, Thoric, Mutsumi, Shinobu, Keitaro, Touga, and Sumire set out to destroy the construct and its Herald-candidate, who was apparently still alive. Unfortunately, a spy tap on Gabrielle had led to their plans being discovered, leading to the assault fleet led by Beowulf, Lily, Mitsune, Jacqui, Mutsumi and Touga being dumped into the Void. Where they ran into the death machine Mageddon?, which was not so dead after all, as collapsing the wormhole around it had merely sent it to the Void instead of destroying it. After some dicey moments, the crew destroyed Mageddon. Unfortunately, the psychic death scream it sent out knocked Beowulf out for a day and nearly turned him into a vegetable, knocked out Mitsune, knocked Lily to the floor screaming, gave Jacqui a splitting headache, and wiped out the crews of the entire fleet.

The group was rescued shortly thereafter by a large crew, consisting of Kanna and the folks with her, Motoko and her usual team, Nanami, Anno, and Captain Demetrius. Unfortunately, Demetrius had a stowaway, who had taken control of his Abyss Sub's computers; Beowulf and his group were pulled out by Morganstern just before the sub blasted their lifeboat to smithereens, and immediately had to board the sub to get it back under control. Beowulf hacked the computers back into order while Demetrius prevented the sub's Abyss Engine from exploding, and they returned to Morganstern's shadow for a mass debriefing.

Surprisingly enough, the entire experience has left him calmer than usual, at least for a brief time; when one survives the Void, a lot of things look less threatening...

Unfortunately, this calm left him during a trip to Tir'na'nog with Kanna and Touga, as he and Kanna intervened in one of the visions and sparked a nasty fight. A short time later on the same trip, he and Kanna lept into the path of a flying door to keep it from slamming into Touga as he was walking the Air Pattern; the door broke all his ribs, and he had to be evaced to Fibber's Closet by Aeris.

Beowulf has become known in the past few months for having saved several family members from near or certain death. Among the notable ones:

Beowulf was sent by Drake to lead the defense for Jacqui as she drew her Pattern in Hel's universe. He's proud of the fact that they managed to guard her without losing a single member of the command team, while taking out seven or eight of Hel's Wu. He's rather less proud of his role in the attack on Hel's Primal Pattern that followed. His team successfully captured Wu-Ember's flagship, the Heart of Ember; but in the follow-up attack on Wu-Rebma's Pattern, he tried a stupid attack and got himself and Shinobu Minor bitten in half by the Wu-Narwhal. Fortunately, both survived, and recuperated at Jacqui's Pattern.