The Prophecy of The Black Heart

with annotations by he who is named Yog-Y'bootymac

a photocopy stack of notes with pencilled-in observations

Once the gods made war
light and dark
good and evil
order and chaos
peace and love
war and hate
destiny and fate
<o/~ Day to day, night to night, week to week, hour to hour! Break on through to the other side! Break on through to the other side! o/~>
mingled together
without distinction
creating distinction
for some dreamed of light
and others of darkness
and some simply were.

Elder gods,
Animal gods,
Outer gods,
Inner gods,
Elemental gods,
Outer Gods triumphed.
<what, no Gods of Funk?>

So walls were built,
Barriers were raised,
Icons were drawn,
Trees were grown,
Portals were shut.

But there is nothing shut which cannot be opened...

The Unicorn's Heir seeks knowledge

<Who.... too many candidates! Seeks knowledge... the Three Minds, Hiko, Nagisa, Mikage. Mikage is the most scholarly. Still might not be any of them, though.>

The Lion's Cub seeks power

<Uncle Annadil's son? No, he has children everywhere. Spawned like a rabbit in heat. A son we haven't met yet? The possibility piques my interest, though this may just be speculation.>

The Lion's Heir seeks excitement

<HA! I wonder who this could be.>

Which will find what they seek?

One would reject the lore

<Jacqueline you stick in the mud...>

One would embrace the lore


One would use it for kicks

<Okay, this is me. So who's embracing the lore? Third person in the game. WHO?>

Who the user and who the used?

<I hate surprises>

One is what you see

<Ah, ma belle Jacqui>

One is what you don't

<_goodness_ I wonder _who_? Hahahahhaaha!>

One is both at once

<Whoever this person is I simply MUST kno- waaaait... cousin Morgan?>

Which is real and which is mask?

<Yes, yes, it makes some sense, cousin Morgan... odd, though, what would he... she.... IT be doing in the hunt?>

Once the gods made war

--- snip ---

One Ring to Rule them All
<Sssssspikards. The Master Spikard, no doubt. But that lovely little trinket is in the Outside, is it not?>
One Ring to Find them
One Ring to bring them all
And in the Darkness Bind Them
In the Land of Leng
Where the Shadows Lie
<Leng, good old Leng... too bad everyone's idea of partying is bloody goth.>

Easy to use
Hard to throw away
Easy to keep
Hard to destroy
<Spiiii-kaaaard! Spiiiii-kaaard!>

The Hand of Melkor
Has Nine Fingers
Has Nine Servants
Has Nine Eidoleons
And rests in the palm
Of the Key and the Gate
<Spikards again? Some say there are nine. Then again, some say there are 11, 13, 42....>

Flame is frozen in stone
The Ice Queen is its master

Lightning rests by its side
The gift of Fire to Ice
<Fire... fire.... Auntie Hiko, Gabrielle, Morgansteinz, queen Corrine, hmmmm....>

A great lover holds great passions
An ancient house of Chaos she rules from shadows
<Oh dear. Someone I met?>

Old one eye commands the winds
His fearsome gaze stares your way
<Mikage commands the winds... so who's this?>

An old evil reborn sees far
Madman ruling from land of sand
<I'd say this was me, but the sand reference hints to this other shadow...>

Dreams are but shadows on the wall of the cave of life
And life is but a stage upon which we play many roles
<And I the most roles to play. Heh.>

The great mutator brings changes to an empire in flames
Seek his servants in the empire united by a hammer
<I so dearly hope this is me. My plans for certain lands sound like this.>

Tides shift for she who dwells beneath the waves yet is no fish
The White Man sank her continent. Kill Whitey!!!
<Goodness. The Bloc Rebmaquais. Freaks.>

Storms can be found under the blue light
But are you prepared to pay the price?
<K-Mart special! K-Mart special! WAHAHHAHAHHA! Aaah, no seriously, uncle Nagisa's little lighthouse. Mussst visit him.>

Nine compete to be Melkor's Heir
<Jacqueline, I, Morgan, Kanna, Beowulf, Naussica, Lucien, Moriya, Motoko? Kentaro's too much a fool. Mutsumi? Oh, please. Naru? Maybe. No, NONONO! Too many canidates.>
Nine compete to gain the prize :
<Feh, too much competition.>
Nine seek to earn the title
Nine would be our New Herald
Will you be the Tenth?

Lover of Life
Makes the dead live, and the living die
<Ah, Outer Sorcery is Fun.>

The Walking Man
Turns his enemies into his servants
<Walking.... walking.... it can't be.>

Six of One, half a dozen of another
Seeks to buy the prize
<This eludes me.>

One sided loop
Rules Ten Empires of Sand
<Again, that kingdom of anti-Amberites.>

Keeper of the Keys
Spreads his faith with lies
<The Keep? Lies don't sound like Uncle Shizumaru's style.>

Last child of a fallen crown
Swims with a deadly school
<Aaaaah, Lucien.>

Beauty and the Beast
fight for the crown
<Jacqueline and I? But we've no crown. Whose crown? Puzzling.>

The White Queen
rules a land as frozen as her heart

The Black King
lives for the hunt alone.
<Sounds a bit like dad, but can't be sure.>

The Black Goat has taken a lover
The Blind Ape of Truth has a son
The Invisible Hand moves its pawn
The Black Pharoah escapes his tomb
The Dark Prophet crucifies a Prince
The Sea King snares a daughter
The Key and the Gate shares his crown
The Walker in the Wastes buries the land in snow
The Second Sun shines on endless war
<Ummmmmm.... buggerit.>

--- snipsnipsnip ---

Before Order
Before Chaos
Before Balance
We moved
Shaping all
To our Will
<Les Dieties Outres.>

To he who brings Carcosa
To him is given power
To him is given glory
To him is given the power
<Heeeeeell yes>
To revolutionize the world
<Oh yeah>
To remake it in his image
To shape it as he wills
<you ain't seen nothing yet>
To become our herald
To speak our words
To wield our power
<That's cool.>
To become the Soul of the Outer Gods
<Er. I, ah, hope this doesn't mean I become someone's puppet.
 I would detest that.> 

Gloom can destroy the Logrus
<So Jacqueline is the logrus' doom? HA!>
Blood can destroy the Pattern
<Oh, yes it will>
Steal the jewel to down the Tree
<Judgement jewel? Yig?>
The ways will open
And all of Shadow
Will be ours again
And through us, yours
<As long as I'm nobody's butt-toy>

Plumb the Abyss
<Pit-diving? Dangerous. This will be interesting.>
And find the tool
By which the Logrus will Burn
The Serpent Perish
And Chaos boil away
Let it not escape this time
<This.... not in my wildest dreams... to slay the Serpent! Ha!>

The Book of Eibon
<This nifty little tome I got here...>
Can show you the way
To bring Carcosa to the world
<Um... right. Look up Carcosa some time.>
To make a shadow our home
But you must pay the price
And it is heavy
<Um.... I hate paying.>

Blood can pay the price
And open the way
The way to power
While you go free
But it will take nine
Whose blood holds power
<o/~ I get to kill the faaa-mily! o/~

Six Blades of Order
Six Tools to Chop Wood
<Yaaaay, carpentry.>
Crystal Knight holds the Eldest Blade
<Crystal.... I haven't the faintest idea.>
The Day Blade cannot aid the Transfixed God of War
<Dear old Dad.>
The Night Blade has gone to live with the Serpent's Eye
The Sun at Noon awaits its master in a tower
<I've no bloody clue.>
The Dawn Blade leads armies forth to war
<Uncle Drake, he who is roaming the shadows.>
The Evening Blade sleeps beneath endless forest
<Endless.... Arden? Somewhere else perhaps.>

Thirteen Whips of Chaos
<Logrus Blade Goodness.>
Stirring the world to change
They too slice wood
<Cutting down Yig?>
Yet, they move forever
And their location canot be predicted
<Wooo! Blade hunt!>

Save Four who dwell
In lands of Order
The son of metal and fire holds Memory
<MUST have a talk with dear old dad some time. Aheh. Heheh. Heheh.>
The master of the Keep holds Thought
<Uncle Shizumaru. Heheh. Hehehehehheheheh.>
The smiling slayer holds Courage
<Smiling man... a mystery to me.>
The Hanged Man hides Fear
<Mysteries upon mysteries.>

Draw forth its eye, and the tree will fall
Smite the tree, and anarchy will flow
Boundaries break, and freedom reign
Balance brings stasis, we bring endless change
<Sounds like fun.>
Let the Keep of Yog-Sothoth
Once more be our eye
With which we see the world.
<The Keep of the Worlds.>

But beware your rivals, heir of the lion
The heir's smile hides a swift blade
The cub's smile hides a swifter one
<WHO IS THE CUB? This maddens me.>
The dreamer flies on dragon's wings
The hanged woman flies with wings of flame
The seeker stands within our bane
And the son of the seas
More worthy of the night
Than 'er his father ever was.

And many hide behind masks
Strengths you cannot see
Until they destroy you.
<Hnn. Let them try.>

Let there be madness in your method
Let your foes box at shadows
Let them see you smile
Let them miss your knife
Until their back bleeds
And you shall triumph.

<And I shall.>

<... the thought occurrs to me... perhaps I am not alone In Here. One to reject the lore, one to embrace the lore, one to use it for kicks. Three is an odd number... it's all too disturbing. As I am a ghost to the others, perhaps someone else is to me? The thought... unsettles me. I'll have to do some skull-diving make sure Dear Jacqui and I are alone.>