Ye Book of Kundali

Sacred Chaosian Religious Text / Sex Manual

Ye Book of Kundali is a holy book celebrating the Kundali aspect of the Serpent, known only on the Amber side of things because of a conversation between Motoko and Moonshade that drifted, for various reasons, into a discussion of shape shifter lovemaking techniques.

Being a book dedicated to Kundali, sexual rituals and techniques (all in the honour of Kundali) are prominent throughout, with the most impressive being The Mirror With Two Faces (herein recorded as described to Moonshade by Motoko):

"I am looking for a way to describe this properly, but that's where when you have a male lover and a female lover, and you sort of change into this shape that... well, it has four arms, and two heads, only the heads are sort of joined together into one double-headed... you may have seen some statues when you were in Sind, actually, that would give you the basic idea...

"And you sort of stand in the middle, and... am I making this clear?

"It's very symbolic and holy, because it represents in concrete reality how the male energy and the female energy come together to create a synthesis that surpasses both." Pause. "But it looks very strange, even if you're just looking at a picture." Pause. "They all looked quite happy, though." Pause. "The people in the picture, I mean."

Other techniques mentioned in Ye Book of Kundali include (but are very likely not limited to)...