The One True Superstore

"Blue Light Special on Pattern Blades in Aisle 56783847384738743-B!"

Shadowwalking to Cafam seems to always end up with you in a stripmall in front of the main doors. Friday's can be entered at the other end of the mall. One such mall stands in 'The Beach', allowing easy shopping access.

Cafam is the ultimate store. Imagine if the entire planet Earth was hollowed out and turned into a shopping mall. From the outside, Cafam is about the size of a typical department store. On the inside, it contains at least as much space as the entire land and sea surface of the Earth, possibly more. Fortunately, Cafam also has high tech public transportation to facilitate shopping. Those seeking a little more adventure can rent a mule train and pass any of the several wilderness zones which exist inside the store for no discernable reason whatsoever except to make one's trip more interesting.

If you can imagine it, Cafam likely has it for sale...if you can find it. Fairly mundane simple things can be found near the checkout counters within a few minutes walk. But the really cool things like giant mechs, trumps of supposedly dead relatives now trying to destroy the Pattern, designer Spikards, and other such toys have to be quested after in the depths of the store. Indeed, Cafam seems in some ways to be a miniature of the universe, with Amber as the Checkout Counters and Chaos as the far distant storage rooms; Pattern is nearly impossible to use near the checkout counters,until one steps out the front doors. Using Logrus is a bad idea in Cafam...some force seems to ensure you always grab the wrong thing. Making a Trump of your favorite aisle works for a while, until the next time the store is reorganized. (Trumps of the Checkout Counters remain good forever, however). Magic is unreliable, working only in some regions of Cafam.

In general, if Cafam has something in stock, you can find it in 1 hour per 1 point property, 6 hours per 2 point property, and 1 day per four point property. Items with 8 point or even 16 point properties are ocassionally for sale, but this is fairly rare and usually prompts a rush and a riot.

It has recently come to light that one can, in fact, buy planets to order at CAFAM as well, though one can imagine the cost would likely be high.

Cafam only accepts Real precious metals (in coin, lump, or jewelry form), drafts on Amberite banks and moneylenders, or jewels as payment from Amberites, although the many shadow customers seem to be allowed to use their own universe's currencies. It remains unclear how these customers get to Cafam. Normally, when you exit, the doors put you back in the shadow you came from, but if you follow shadow dwellers out, you may end up almost anywhere.

It has recently come to public attention that CAFAM regards itself as a sovereign state, and does not appreciate people attempting to exert police powers not granted by CAFAM inside it. At the same time, they are also willing to apprehend and extradite criminals wanted elsewhere if properly notified and if they can spot the person.