City of Dreams

In the City of Dreams
The perfect shining place
Ever Dying, Ever Reborn
On the rampart of the worlds
The Phoenix Fleet sails
Commanded by a captain
With flames upon her brow
-- from ancient prophesies

Many have sought Cathuria and few found it. Or more precisely, few have found it and returned to tell of it. If Amber is the Eternal City, Cathuria is the Perfect City, a land of bliss and light and peace where all may come and find new hope and joy. The gates are open to all travellers...but few can find them. Neither its location in shadow nor the best route by which it can be approached is known for sure, and most only glimpse it from afar, yet find it gone when they reach the place where it shimmered on the horizon.

The most famous sighting of Cathuria was that of King Tylor, who in his youth, sailed into a shadow where the ocean raced over a great precipice into infinite mists below. He had followed a ship with white sails which lead him there, upon which was blazoned a red phoenix. But when they reached the cliff, it took wing and flew upwards towards Cathuria in the clouds, while his ship plummeted down into the mists. The Pattern failed him, and he was forced to trump out.

Yet others have found Cathuria in a great cavern beneath the Earth, on a floating island, in the heart of a great jungle,and many other places. Some speculate that perhaps like Amber, Cathuria is reflected, a place of great reality.

A handful of travellers have claimed to have visted Cathuria and stayed for centuries while minutes passed at home, before their duties drew them back. Others spent mere moments, and centuries passed in Amber. While information is spotty, it has come to light that Cathuria somehow is capable of moving through time and space, and that time is extremely variable within the city's boundaries.

Some travellers have encountered a ghost fleet that flies the Phoenix flag, which is said to serve Cathuria and battle various strange horrors. In recent days the existance of this fleet has been proven, being instrumental in the rescue of Jacqueline from a Chaosian fleet in the early days of the crisis, as well as the fact that Princess Juri commands this fleet.

Recent investigation by Beowulf and Kanna has revealed that Cathuria is the refuge of the Phoenix?, one of the Animal Gods who were sheltered by the Unicorn and Serpent after the War of the Gods. It is due to the Phoenix's intervention that Cathuria is so difficult to reach, though those who are blessed with a Phoenix's Egg can use that (as well as a means of flight) to cross the distance over the great mists that mark the ramparts of the world, while avoiding the gauntlet of Hunting Horrors that bar the way.

Morgan, Kanna, Touga, Naru, Lian, and Thropan are the only people from the Amber side of reality known to have reached Cathuria and returned.