Queen of Ember

Corrine the First, Queen of Ember.

The first (and former) Warden of Arden, Corrine gained a whole slew of responsibilities in the past seventy years as the Queen of the Kingdom In the Sun, Ember. However, she's held up quite well, and has proved quite capable of carrying out her royal duties. Although not directly involved with the new generation as a whole (being a Queen means your spare time is limited, and there's that entire sun-planet commute, don'tcha know), she is watching the current developments with an interested and careful eye.

She continues to be a Trump Artist of great skill, even with her new duties, a practiced musician (though nowhere near Miki's talents), and very proactive when circumstances warrant it. She tries to keep in touch with events in Amber, still enjoying friendships with the rest of her generation and Dowager Queen Anthy.

Although Ember has not been directly involved in the events of the current crisis, Queen Corrine has continued to keep tabs on what has happened so far, especially given her daughter's involvements in them and the information that the incipient invasion from The Lands of the Dead is likely to be led by Abyss-controlled versions of herself and her sisters. She has had a hand in the development of two new constructs (Aeris and Vector Prime), dispensing advice to Beowulf and Moriya, and trying to figure out the best way to rehabilitate a blood-creature duplicate of her deceased sister, Eowyn. She is known to support Lucien in his claim to the Rebma throne, despite her personal feelings on the matter given the events of Marches and Gabrielle's opinion on who should redraw the Water Pattern.

If anything, Corrine's greatest challenges to date revolve around those involving the lives and loves of her daughters... but then again, what should one expect? Corrine is a Queen, but a mother as well.


Current Legal Children

Current Legal Grandchildren

Historical Notes

There is some reason to believe that Haruka's five children, if they had all lived to maturity, might have become the Children of the Elements of that era, with Corrine as the Child of Wood, but this did not come to pass. Corrine's affinity for that Element in general temperment was noteable, in weathering the trials of the affairs of her family, as well as the fact that she served ably (if not excessively standing out) as the Warden of Arden for over 400 years, from 889 AY to 1292 AY. She preferred to stay in the background and avoid the family's power plays, instead trying to smooth over frictions between her half-siblings (with varying levels of success) and providing military support to operations dealing with the south.

However, fate (or destiny) had different plans in mind for Corrine, both in symbology and practicalty, for her inheritence of the Fire Demi-Jewel upon King Gendo's death set the stage for her becoming Queen of Ember, the Kingdom in the Sun during the days of the Annadil Crisis (1292 AY). Realizing all too well that she could not hold both the positions of Warden and Queen, Corrine resigned the Wardenship, passing it on to her neice, Princess Hiko.

It has been noted by those who know the details of Amber's history of Haruka's reign that Queen Corrine's Regent, Marshal, and Commander of the Castle Guard bear striking resemblences to her deceased siblings Catherine, Haruka Minor, and Eowyn. The reason behind this is unknown to most, and Corrine generally does not speak about it. However, she has been known to mutter, on occasion, that her subconcious has an odd sense of humor...

Created by Philip Moyer, NPC(?)'d by John Biles.