Child of the Serpent

Former protector of Justice and Merehallow, now defender of the Borders of the World

A formerly blue-scaled and one-eyed Child of the Serpent of Chaos, now purple-scaled and possessing both his eyes again.

Long ago (it is not exactly certain when this ocurred, or who set it in motion), Daffyl was given a task -- to guard a tower chapel where two Patternblades were kept : Justice, the Blade of Metal and Merehallow, the Blade of Air. For centuries, people traveled the seas of Ri to the port of Dylath-Leen, taking boats upriver to the little hamlet of Ulthar at the edge of the forest where Daffyl's Tower stood atop a hill, but even if they managed to get past Daffyl, none were able to actually draw the swords from their anvils.

However, two people were able to do so. King Gendo, early in his reign, before he was even King of Amber, was able to enter Daffyl's tower after solving a riddle game, and drew forth Justice from the anvil awaiting "The King of All Colors and None". He also tried to draw forth Merehallow, which awaited "The Ever-burning Brand", but was unable to. He left behind his original sword in the first anvil (which now said "This Sword Awaits Someone Who Needs A Sword"; who says mystical artifacts don't have senses of humor?) and departed.

Many centuries later, Prince(ss) Morgan made the same quest, accompanied by Saionji, Thoric, and Mutsumi. Unfortunately, this quest had a much more tragic outcome than King Gendo's. Although Morgan was able to draw Merehallow from its resting place, the group's attempt to circumvent Daffyl's protectorate in order to get to the sword (while other groups also attempted to get to Daffyl's Tower) enraged Daffyl to such a degree that he blood-cursed Morgan during their escape.

The combination of the Blood-Curse, the damage to his tower, the theft of the remaining patternblade, as well as his still-missing left eye, quite frankly drove Daffyl insane. Beginning to believe that he was the True Serpent, he gathered together several splinter factions of the Serpent's Horn terrorist group, tasking them with punishing those who had stolen the swords and reinforcing his shadow against any assault. Daffyl tipped off Lord Alars as to the location of Morgan, in an attempt to have him killed. This failed, and Merehallow ended up in House Alars' hands. Then several members of the Serpent's Horn struck at House Alars to retreive Merehallow. They were successful at this goal. Several other strikes were made against other houses of Chaos that were hosting the Amberite Diplomatic Corps in Chaos, as well as against Jacqueline, who had been given Justice by Moriya. Consultation with the True Serpent by Motoko, the Bride of the Dragon, revealed that in order to lift the curse from Morgan and to restore Daffyl to sanity, he would need to have his Left Eye restored.

At that time, Daffyl's Eye (effectively a Flawed Jewel of Judgement, geared towards the construction and breaching of wards and barriers), was in the hand of the current Priest in the Yellow Mask of Leng. Beowulf assembled a team to penetrate Leng and retreive the Eye. Moriya and Company worked to finish their diplomatic duties in Chaos, building alliances that would help them rescue the hostages taken by Serpent's Horn (Saionji, Michelle, Lady Atsuko, and Davros the Stylite) whenever the Eye was recovered.

After a pitched battle, Beowulf's team retreived Daffyl's Eye and delivered it to Chaos. A scouting mission was formed to determine the current state of affairs in Daffyl's shadow; together Miki, Kanna, Beowulf, Moriya, Lady Yumi, and Jacqueline discovered that the area around Daffyl's old tower had been tranformed into a fortress and fortified city, with a population over 20,000 strong. With additional information obtained, a three-pronged assault and extraction mission was formed. While forces from Amber and Houses Helgram and Nurgal assaulted the main entrance keep and also laid in wait with Justice and Daffyl's Eye as a trap for the majority of Serpent's Horn, an extraction team led by Lord Loewen entered the central fortress to rescue the hostages.

The hostage rescue went off without major difficulties, thanks to the potent and talented team that had been assembled. The "bait" mission fared off worse, as Jacqueline and Moonshade ended up facing off against Kenshin (weilding Merehallow and Justice), and Gabrielle and Morgenstern tried to restrain the enraged Daffyl. The still-standing members of the hostage rescue team rushed to assist, and managed to hold off or pacify the leaders of Serpent's Horn long enough for Motoko to summon the True Serpent in his fire aspect and to return Daffyl's Eye to its rightful owner.

Now healed, Daffyl's insanity has left him, and his tears healed the war-ravaged landscape and the wounds of the injured as he spoke to the Chaosian forces on the battlefield (both ally and enemy). He has proclaimed his removal of the curse that he had laid, and has entreated that no more should those on the battlefield be enemies. Daffyl then flew away, to join the Phoenix? in Cathuria in guarding the borders of the universe from the incipient invasion of Hel.