Stylite Monk and Pillar of Wisdom

Chaosian ascetic monk, originally hailing from House Nurgal, reputed to have the tallest pillar in Chaos. One of the long-prophecied Pillars of Wisdom (Moriya is the other) who travel with the Bride of the Dragon (Motoko), Davros has spent the last two months in almost constant company with Motoko, except for a brief period where he was a prisoner of Serpent's Horn.

Davros bears the Dragon Spikard Breath of the Dragon, and shows increasing skill in using it to magically manipulate enormous amounts of energy. He is also skilled in the use of the Logrus and shape shifting, and is a good enough unarmed fighter to hold his own with Moonshade.

He and Motoko would almost certainly be lovers if not for his vows of celibacy as a stylite monk, which currently keep them apart. Their close friends and relatives have been informed that the Serpent has indicated Davros will soon be released from those vows, although the reasons why have yet to be made clear to everyone.

This was finally revealed to be because he, Motoko, Moonshade, and Mitsune were chosen by the Serpent to perform the Summer Rites in Wu-Chaos and redeem them from death, renewing them to full life and freeing the souls of the Wu-Chaosians. In fact, the four of them seem to have decided to pursue a long-term relationship, since the Bride of the Dragon (Motoko) is allowed three spouses.

Known Aliases
-- Narya (original name)
-- Mavros (originated by Jacqueline)
-- Love Monk (also a Jacqui original)