The World of the Dead

"The stars shone down upon it, and above it shimmered a great castle. Once and once only have I stepped within that castle. It was a mistake, but that was a story for another time. Their armies were like zombies, moving like cattle to the slaughter. And at their fore rode the Princes and Princesses of Amber, using their followers like pawns on the chessboard of the field. And all was quiet and there was no song, no joy, only cold, stagnant order, people like machines... No winds blowed, and all the land was stone and metal. Even the trees grew in serried ranks, beneath the stars."

--Lord Loewen of House Helgram describes his vision of the World of the Dead to Motoko

The World of the Dead, by which the universe of Unicorn no Seishi is apparently soon to be invaded. Not all is known

"Facts" known about the World of the Dead include the following: