Captain Demetrius

The Silver Comorant, Captain of the Radiant, Master of the Abyss, and Prince of Avalon.

"Oh, my, yes. You want me to recover a being that a massively overpowered Sanjiyan has a vested interest in keeping locked away in the Abyss, and you want me to do it where it's powers are -strongest-."

Demetrius says, "This will not, as they say, be cheap."

A tall, thinnish, black-haired (and non-bearded) man in a seacoat, wearing a sword, Captain Demetrius has recently appeared in our universe, summoned by a message brick tossed into the Abyss. He has made contact with Princess Kanna over the matter of the White Knight, and a contract has been made to retreive her once certain information and trade goods are provided. Wether or not this is a wise thing is up for debate (given the traditional animosity between Abyss Monks and Abyss Pirates) -- however, in Kanna's defense, she did not -know- of the escalating powderkeg situation within the Abyss precipitated by Lian's death when she made the contract.

Demetrius seems to get an interesting twitch whenever Corrine's name comes up, though neither Corrine nor Kanna have any concrete idea -why-, given Corrine's cordial parting with Demetrius forty years ago during her cross-universe adventures with Juri of Avalon during the Annadil Crisis. Perhaps, in the days ahead, the reason will come to light. Or not.

We don't know yet what's up with his Corn fetish.

The good Captain seems to have successfully rescued the White Knight from the Abyss with Prince Kentaro's assistance. He is known to have visited Tir'na'nogth with Dowager Queen Anthy shortly afterwards, and seemed somewhat shaken on his return.

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