Dinosaur World

aka "The Land of Losing Stuff" or "The Living Land"

Dinosaur World was an odd little Shadow, about two weeks travel away from Amber by normal means. It had the odd property of not allowing any sort of power usage save for Trump and Shapeshifting, which did not make it much of a stellar vacation spot for most of the royal family. Especially since when one became trapped in it, all technology would fail, one would lose all their items, and then be stuck scavaging for fruit and raw meat and dealing with the local lizardman populace.

It was only recently that the reason for the Shadow's strange conditions were discovered, as the central feature of the Shadow (a gigantic mile-wide black banyan tree) was actually an Outsider Construct controlling the environment. The destruction of the construct was triggered by Jacqueline's use of the Jewel of Judgement in the area to shut off all Outsider power, killing the massive tree. The shadow began to return to a more normal time-flow and the standard powers began to once more operate there in the wake of this action as the construct went through its death throes.

The remains of the Outsider construct and the nearby slaughter have been immolated, buried, and converted to fertile soil by Gabrielle after Kanna's investigation team determined the events that led to Jacqueline's kidnapping. It is hoped that this act will allow the Shadow to get a better start on life.