Master Warrior and General

Youngest child
of the eldest triad
Heart, Mind, Body
Ill luck dogs you
Your mouth outraces your mind
But your blade is keen
your arms are swift
In battle, you reign supreme
-- From the Prophecies of the Serpent

Warfare God, Lord High Chamberlain (in abstentia) and one of the few known to have hung from Yig. Dissapeared during the final days of the Annadil Crisis forty years ago, and recently recovered from having been plugged into the Outsider construct Ebenscrux and reunited with his sword, Werewindle. He had gained Magnus the Unseen during the Annadil Crisis, but the ring has now passed into Nanami's hands.

Since his return, Drake has assisted Kanna and Beowulf in the rescue of the Tenjous, cooperated with Kanna and Lian in the destruction of Tharkold, and helped Beowulf in the interception attempt which led to the discovery of one of the Lion Spikards being in the hands of Kuonji Ukyou. He also seems to be seeing Lady Nabiki, as had been rumored before he vanished, and they went to Marching together.

Drake has returned to Amber after the final battle with the Kanawa forces, and has now involved himself in the retaking of Rebma.

Having stormed Rebma, Drake is now assisting Field Marshal Tsuwabuki in preparing for the final battle against Hel.


Current Children