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A Summary Of Ember Technical And Military Development

Prepared for the Ember Privy Council and Joint Chiefs of Staff

Reviewed by Her Majesty, Queen Corrine the First of Ember

Summary Completed and Presented May 15, 565 CY

Technological and military progress has always gone hand in hand in practically every Shadow known to Order or Chaos. Developments and refinements in the production of materials improve the effectiveness of the military equipment that can be fielded, and military needs often drive research and development into new technological avenues. Recognizing this, Ember has long believed in an agressive program of technological research and military development. Both of these have had positive benefits for Ember and its allies in the areas of national defense and improved trade.

What follows is a summary of the Kingdom of Ember's current military and technology assets, as of the publication of this document. It is meant as an overview of the forces that could be brought to bear should another catastrophie as severe as the Annadil Crisis come to pass, as well as to indicate some of the future trends the Kingdom is pursuing for the 'state of the art'. Further information about the equipment listed in this summary can be found by consulting the offices of the Marshal of Ember.

Air Forces

Ember has had a long tradition of fielding a viable cross-shadow Air Force, within the limits of what Biology, Magic, Trump, Pattern, Broken Pattern, and Technology are capable of producing on the Order end of Reality. While not capable of fielding the sheer numbers of forces that such groups as House Fomorian possess, it is not a slouch, either. These Air Forces often travel along the Pyricorn Threads to support our Lava Circle allies, or utilize Trump Gates provided by Her Majesty or Princess Gabrielle to reach Amber or the rest of Shadow in a timely fasion.

The majority of Ember's Air Force units (and the oldest) are made up of the Citrine and Topaz wings of Dragonriders, led by longtime Wyvernmaster Arshes Nei. Arshes coordinates aerial spot patrols of the kingdom with the Red Knight, who commands the Great Dragons who guard the borders of Ember. The Dragonriders are skilled in both aerial and ground attacks, utilizing the dragon's fire (and occassionally lightning) breath attacks to great effect. The dragons and their riders are often paired up with a weapons/magic officer as well, to allow the dragonrider to concentrate on flying the dragon and the other officer to provide support and additional attack/defense.

However, while effective, the Dragonriders are restricted to serving in a 'fighter-craft' role when compared to militaries out in Shadow. They can swarm en-masse for air-to-ground assault, but this still makes them a target for determined ground emplacements and sorcerors. Air-to-air assaults using the Dragonriders end up having to go against comparable forces in opposing militaries. While Air-to-air combat is still the ideal use of the dragons, there are still key deficencies in Ember's air defense and offense.

These deficencies have led to the development of the mechanized branches of Ember's Air Force, speareheaded by Queen Corrine upon her return to the kingdom in 500 CY. While lighter-than-air transport technology had existed in Ember (mostly around Carlson Citadel) before the Queen's return, it was mostly limited to operation within the Kingdom's borders or use of the Pyricorn Threads to reach Shadows which had similar natural laws to Ember. Her Majesty recognized the need for viable cross-shadow travel capability for the air force, and acted on this need. The results of the efforts of the past 65 years are listed below.

Bayern Class Aerocruiser

The Bayern class Aerocruiser was the first mechanical/Trump-based air asset fielded by Ember, starting in 505 CY with the launch of the EAF King Tylor. Designed for air patrol and air-to-ground assault, the Bayern-class Aerocruiser is a relatively small yet fast craft, and served as the test platform for the then-revolutionary Trump Engine, the design and construction of which was pioneered by Queen Corrine upon her return to the Kingdom of Ember. These engines allow the air turbines of the Bayern-Class Aerocruiser to function wherever Ember Helium is bouyant and Trump functions -- which is a lot of places.

Bayern class Aerocruisers have also served as a demonstration of many of Ember's advanced industrial processes, as employed in Carlson Citadel. The outer airbag is made of a special spun-steel metalweave cloth, reinforced with layerd-titanium rib members, and the armor used in the gondola is specially alloyed to be lightweight yet offering decent protection from incoming fire. The Aerocruiser is designed to be able to fight in both technological and low-tech Shadows; it possesses both gunpowder firearms (the Gatling Gun for air-air defense, the Rotary Cannon for air-ground attacks) and low-tech and magical weapons (the Whalekiller-Class Heavy Auto Crossbow for general assault, and a drop bomb rack on the lower fantail that can hold 20 variable-yield magical and mundane munitions).

Current Registry:

Constructed between 500 CY and 510 CY :

Constructed between 520 CY and 530 CY :

Constructed between 530 CY and 560 CY:

Lindblum Class Aerobattleship

In the wake of the Annadil Crisis (530 CY), political and environmental changes in the Golden Circle nations and Amber itself triggered a change in mass transportation methods. Sea travel for commerce and defense near to Amber City became no longer viable, due to the Rebma Vortex, and in response, a joint effort between Amber and Ember led to the development of the Amber Airship fleet. However, with this upswing in air transportation has come the risks of air piracy and airship battles; and in response Ember has developed the Lindblum class Aerobattleship.

The Lindblum class Aerobattleship operates on the same general principles as the Bayern class Aerocruiser; however, it is designed as a dedicated air-to-air assault platform. While capable of performing air-to-ground assault with ranged weaponry and drop bombs, this is not its primary purpose. Instead, it is designed to be capable of engaging in protracted air combat with its numerous cannon, ballistae, and magic wand emplacements, and even ramming an enemy vessel's gondola or airbag with its forward ramming spike and shield.


Current Registry:

Constructed between 530 CY and 560 CY:

In Development as of 565 CY:

Space Forces

Onyx Fleet Flagship : Ryo-oh-ki

Sea / Lava / Plasma Forces

Aquamarine Fleet Flagship : Tsunami

Turquoise Fleet Flagship : Ryu-oh

Land Forces


Industrial Processes




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