Fire Pattern Construct

"I am all the wonders of creation!"

      -- Gabrielle's most often-quoted tagline

Corrine I's eldest "daughter", born/built during the Annadil Crisis 40 years ago. She is the first fully-sapient Construct known to have been built by the royal family of Amber, and therefore is the oldest and most powerful among them. She combines her mother's skills in Trump, quite possibly exceeds her mother's skills in Pattern (being tied to a Fire Demi-Jewel and associated Pattern has its advantages), and tosses in potent powers of Sorcery as well (which Corrine doesn't have, but her Regent and Court Mage do).

This is a fact that Gabrielle likes to flaunt at every opportunity. Despite that, she is still a very likeable and attractive woman, intelligent and thoughtful, if one discounts the occasional desire to burn things in order to solve problems. She treats Kanna and Keiko as her sisters.

Recently, Gabrielle has started to twitch occasionally whenever Jacqueline's name comes up in conversation. This likely has something to do with the fact that her daughter, Shinobu Minor, was flung into Chaos and grew up 40 years in several days into a Valkyrie of House Aesir. But other than that, the two have been reunited successfully and Gabrielle is taking the time to catch up with her daughter and revel in the status of mother and wife.

Gabrielle has participated in many important missions during the recent crisis, usually in assistance to her sister, Kanna, although she and her husband Nagisa recently helped to rescue Prince Lucien from the Bloc's control.

... the less said about her Steel Cage Grudge Match with the Logrus, the better.

Created by Philip Moyer. SPC'd by Mercutio, but curretly almost 100% NPC, with Mercutio now playing Demetrius.