Haruka Minor

Youngest Child of Gendo and Haruka

617-651 AY

Haruka Minor bore the most resemblance to her mother of the five children of Haruka and Gendo, looking to be a near twin of Haruka when she reached maturity. From an early age, she loved the sea, though the necessities of war bound her to the land. Most of the time, she was placid of temperment, but when finally roused to rage, she was terrible to behold. She was a trusting soul, who usually expected the best of people. This proved to be her bane.

Haruka had a knack for military leadership which greatly exceeded her actual ability to fight with weapons, and this talent propelled her up the ranks of the armies of Amber during the Second Cimbri War, until finally, by 651, she commanded the army which defended Central Harad.

It was in that year that she was murdered during a truce negotiation, along with most of the officer corps of her army. The army was then attacked and crushed, leading to the final phase of the Second Cimbri war, one of Amber's darkest hours.

There is some reason to believe that Queen Haruka's five children, if they had all lived to maturity, might have become the Children of the Elements of that era, with Haruka Minor as the Child of Water, but this did not come to pass.

Haruka Arisugawa, Marshall of Ember, bears a great physical resemblance to Haruka Minor, although she has red hair, unlike either of her 'templates', who were blonde.