The Royal Family of Amber of the World of the Dead

Family Status Post-Hel

Fuyutsuki: Fuyutsuki died in an attack on Shamber, returned to defend Hel's Primal Pattern, and was killed again by Corrine, who sacrificed herself (temporarily) to drag them both into one of the Pattern-cleaning whirlwinds so that the others could erase the Primal Pattern.

Gendo: Gendo was killed by Hel rather than turned into a Wu, perhaps at the instigation of Sakura/"Charlotte".

Tylor: Tylor died at Jacqueline's newly-drawn Pattern, making a last-ditch assault after his Soyokaze failed to annihilate the defenders. He was cut to pieces by Corey while Mutsumi held him in place with her spell-boosted strength.

Touga: Touga died at Jacqueline's Pattern, annihilated by the Fork.

Drake: Drake's body was saved from destruction at the final battle by DeManthy?, Motoko and others; his original soul has now reinhabited the body.

Shinji: Shinji died at Jacqueline's Pattern, hacked to pieces by Thoric with Justice.

Van: Van, like Drake, survived the final battle and has had his original soul restored to his body.

Saionji: Saionji died at Jacqueline's Pattern, his head split open by Shinobu Minor's axe.

Eowyn: Eowyn died at the final battle, largely due to the actions of Kuonji; she blood cursed Touga as she died after he threw the final blow from his spikard.

Juri: Juri survived the final battle and has had her original soul restored to her body.

Catherine: Catherine was struck by a spell from [[/Eddie?Eddie] as she flew atop Hel's Pyricorn to attack Jacqueline's Pattern; she fell to her death.

Corrine: Corrine survived the final battle and has had her original soul restored to her body.

Haruka Minor: Haruka Minor died at Ramon's hands during the attack on Shamber.

Gil-Galad: Killed once by Motoko to rescue King Dios from captivity, killed again (for good) by Kuonji, Spellvis and Julia Diggers at the final battle. His luck sucks in every world.

Makoto: While attacking Shamber as a dragon, he was blasted apart by Vash's? big gun and Anthy's wind magic.

Nanami: The Nanami of the World of the Dead died while only a baby, cast into the Abyss by Sakura as a sacrifice to summon Hel. However, she also lives on, in a sense, in the person of Nanami Minor.

Corey: Corey's Abyssal soul was turned into Eddie and Mutsumi's slave at the battle of Jacqueline's Pattern. His Abyssal soul was then converted to Demetrius's control with their help, and he proved an aid to the family in the final battle. Finally, upon Hel's destruction, his original soul returned to his body.


Sakura/"Charlotte": Her whereabouts are unknown. Hel apparently turned her into a Wu at some point, and may have placed her within the Abyss, but she was never sighted. It is possible she has been returned to her own self-direction with Hel destroyed.