Jacqueline Tenjou

Owns Her Own Universe

aka 'Fleet Crusher' 'Tacnuke Jacqui' and 'The Ravager Beast'


The only child of Ota 'Shaft' Tenjou and Kasumi Tendo, the only thing his daughter has inherited is her father's tan, hair color, and tendancy to be around whenever major destruction and chaos occurrs.

Having come harrowingly close to destroying the the universe several times already, she's quickly become one of the more feared/ loathed/ dreaded/ annoying members of this generation, despite not having any superior talents in warfare or magic. Some speculate that a blood curse has been placed upon her, others suspect Jacqueline is not the shy and absent-minded girl she appears to be, but actually out to destroy the worlds. The truth, thus far, is that she's had the nasty combination of being unlucky and inept with magic. Her continued survival despite this is considered amazing.

As of day 39, she is once again out and about in Amber, having been freed from the clutches of the Gaunt Man, and has been introduced to her half-sister, Moonshade. The two seem to, more or less, get along, despite Moonshade constantly belitteling their father. In an attempt to fix this, Jacqueline tried to brain-throttle Moonshade a bit, but at the very most, it seemed to have _slightly_ calmed her down.

As of the Marches holiday (day 47), Jaqueline had the unexpected luck of running into The Unicorn, who gave her the mission of hunting down Taylor's blood creatures. The Unicorn also told Jacqueline to make sure Moriya and Mitsune's relationship prospers, which has really, really, really gotten to her head, as she now proclaims herself The Unicorn's Agent Of Love. That, added to building stress and mounting failures has transformed Jaqueline from a generally timid and quiet recluse into a rampaging Matchmaker and War Hawk, and some say one step closer to finally being like her father.

Others, of course, figure she's just going insane.

This is a distinct possiibility.

In her most recent set of adventures, Jacqueline began searching for Withywindle, the Patternblade of the Wood element, only to call off the search as it became known that unknown forces were converging on a dragon spikard in Mystara. She passed what knowledge she gained of that search to Moriya and went on to Mystara, got her head caved in, battled with gods, and utterly failed to obtain any spikards.

After that disaster of a quest, she was assigned by Nanami to hunt down two renegade Taylor blood creatures that were out to activate a shadow-destroying war machine. En route to this, she also finally met the elusive Inji Kuonji, who offered his aid, was given Justice from Moriya, who was terribly grumpy about it all, and was told in a private conversation with King Tylor that she may be needed to destroy the primal pattern of another universe. Even with all the distractions, she still managed to see it throught to the end.

Getting kind of busy for her, but she tries to keep up.

Her most recent stint was as a decoy for the joint forces of Amber and Chaos in their assault on the Serpent's Horn terrorist group. It worked just fine, with Jacqueline once again coming close to dying. She's used to that by now.

Just recently confronted with the revelation that Taylor was in fact a second personality that resided within Jacqueline, aided by factions within House Tremere, she is tiptoeing ever so closer to madness and her mood swings are edging more towards the negative. Gabrielle's antics in the wrestling match with the Logrus have not helped, and Jacqueline's respect for her aunt has dropped like a stone off a cliff.

As a major step in repenting for the actions of her evil side, she finally went and re-created the Shamber pattern, only to get captured by Vice and Mature immediately after and be used as a pawn in their trap to get Merehallow. Fortunately, half the royal family showed up in that skirmish and Jacqueline was yet again rescued.

Moving onward in her quest to become a better person, she's stopped an attempt by cultists to create a new Lion Spikard. Sadly, the Begman countryside got blown up in the process, but with the Jewel of Judgement she fixed that up. Sadly, in the explosion, Seta's house was blown up, which happened to contain an imprisoned pre-logrus god that he was using as a holiday ornament. Said pre-logrus god, Orcus, Prince of Death and walking nuclear reaction, was soon killed by Jacqueline, but only after Jacqueline accidentally made the sun go nova in the shadow they were battling.

Fortunately, only Orcus was killed. And perhaps a few species of small animals of low intelligence.

Soon after that, she assisted Drake in liberating Marketplace from the outsider herald named 3327, its construct named The Daikoku, both servants of the outsider known as The Invisible Hand. Using a plan that she'd thought of, they managed to defeat the herald without any major explosions, though a last-ditch assault on Amber itself and the Shamber pattern was triggered by the attempt. Fortunately, the assault was repelled with no casualties and with very little difficulty. Unfortunately, the Shamber pattern was damaged in the assault. Much to everyone's surprise, upon repairing the pattern once again, the Leather Knight awakened once more, which triggered a generally tearful and happy reunion, though with just a little bit of angst.

And then The Incident happened.

It started with the best of intentions, Jacqueline wanting to strengthen the Leather Knight, as she lost her ability to fight on shaft-like levels. First, Moonshade walked it, which gave the Leather Knight all of Moonshade's abilities. And then Jacqueline asked Fuyutsuki to walk it. He agreed. Unfortunately, he has very little self-control at times, and the Shamber pattern apparently infused him with the power of a full bottle of Viagra. Much to Jacqueline's horror, he instantly teleported away and had wild sex with her mother and the Leather Knight. Unfortunately, while they were having sex, the patterns reflected his mood and started generating rampaging overly-amorous patternghosts. Fortunately, the matter was quickly solved thanks to some fasttime molding on Drake's part. The incident has also made Jacqueline a bit more twitchy than usual.

It is known that she intends to aid Lucien in retaking Rebma, but beyond that her plans are for the moment uncertain. She is likely to avoid going to Shamber any time soon.

She is really trying not to think of Fuyutsuki in bed with her mother and the Leather Knight, as the potential consequences of that horrify her. Wiping out House Tremere and Gabby with a few tweaks of the Jewel of Judgement has crossed her mind, but of course she has not done this, as it would not be a sane and reasonable thing to do.

Twitch. Twitch. Twitch.

As the war against Hel and her Wu-spawn raged, Jacqueline, guarded by some of the best and brightest of Amber, succeeded in drawing her own Primal Pattern, whose animal god is great A'Tuin, the galaxy-sized turtle. Oddly enough, Jacqueline exploded into a fine spray of lights just when the patterndrawing was done. Mikage drew her soul out of the primal pattern and into a cloned body so that she would be back on her feet immediately and ready to help, but something seems to have gone amiss - she is Happy, very Happy, far more than she's been in a long, long while. She still frets about things, but the weight that seemed to continually haunt her is notably absent. Also of note is her dramatic increase in fine control of her psychic abilities, as well as a considerable drop in her once-infamous raw psychic power. Exactly what this means has yet to be determined.

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