Heir to the Shaft Action Hour

o/~"Walking like a man / hitting like a hammer / she's a juvenile scam. / Never was a quitter, / tasty like a raindrop, / She's got the look..." o/~

Kanna Darako Kusanagi, Blood-Daughter of Corrine I, Queen of Ember and the Red Knight, the resident Strength Queen and Heir to the Shaft Action Hour for her generation. Born in Ember after the Annadil crisis, she found some big shoes to fill (and filled them) as she tried to keep the criminal element in line and explores shadow, questing for her Aunt Juri... who has now returned to the family in the wake of the Day of the Dead.

In the past few months, she has been noted for :

During the course of these adventures, she's also put the smack down on various groups:

And in the process, has needed the following body parts replaced:

For the Marches holiday, Kanna attended it in the company of Captain Ruka of the Shalomar Naval Base, and both of them seemed quite comfortable in each other's presence during the festivities. She then returned from a fast-time training trip, in the company of Lian, and bearing a sword with a shimmering iridescent blade she calls "Beryllina". She does not talk about how she got that blade, but several members of the family have seen that it is quite a potent piece of silverware.

Kanna assisted Jacqueline in the Akashan Leauge, which took place in fast-time, ferreting out both Blood Taylors and House Tremere operatives in the Akashan government who wished to steal Silya, the Ring of Wood, and Mageddon (a not-really-dormant, just locked away shadow-eating war machine), both of which were hidden in the League. In the process, the central Akashan sun went nova (which was not Kanna and Jacqueline's fault), but it got better, thanks to Gabrielle.

Her mission to assist Lucien in scouting the Bloc-occupied Rebma also went well, though she seemed to be fending off the affections of a talking metal head that they discovered along the way. Her brushes against heavily-armed terrorist groups continued with assisting the gang in Chaos with taking down the Daffyl-led Serpent's Horn group, rescuing their hostages, taking down their leaders, and restoring Daffyl to sanity.

Kanna has recently returned from her mission to deliver Merehallow to Juri in Cathuria, despite the interruptions of the Gabrielle / Logrus Steel Cage grudge Match, the appearance of the Black Unicorn War Train, and the efforts of Vice, Mature, and Yog-Y'bootymac. Kanna never did get a chance to go ninja-hunting with her uncle Drake and cousin Sumire, due to the above events.

More recently, Kanna has learned of, in the space of 3 days Ambertime:

In order to deal with her mixed feelings over the entire deal, she threw herself into the preparations and planning (with Beowulf and company) for the assault on War World and the Black King's Construct, who was not deceased as many had believed. Although their plan was sound, a monitoring tap planted by Kuonji into Gabrielle's systems and then tapped by Hel's forces gave the plan away to various enemies, who were able to harrass them and caused half the assault force to vanish into the Void. Faced with limited options, Kanna pressed onward, and her much reduced team was triumphant, defeating John Valois (the Black King), his Robo-Royals, and destroying the last Outsider Construct. Immediately afterwards, the group participated in the rescue of Jacqueline and Beowulf, et. al. from the Void.

However, in the process they discovered both the sabatouge by Kuonji, Undead Shinji, and the existance of the saboteur Cait-Ryoko of Avalon -- none of which has made Kanna her usual jovial self. Those who have business with the Crown Princess of Ember are advised to tread EXTREMELY lightly nowadays. Kanna is not a happy camper by any stretch of the words -- though fortunately, she was centered enough to perform admirably in the defense of Shamber on the Day of the Dead, as well as on the plain of battle against Hel's minions at the Keep of the Five Worlds. This was a good thing, as afterwards Kanna had to console a striken Juri, who had just found out about the deaths of Morgan and Hiko, and engaged in converstation with the spirit of her dead grandmother, Haruka of Harad. (It is unknown if Haruka approved of Ruka or not, but at least she approved of her potential grandchild's name...)

In the wake of the Hel Crisis, Kanna has settled into the job of temporary Regent of Ember, waiting for her mother to regenerate from the Fire Pattern...

Kanna gets along very well with Beowulf and Lian, treating them nearly as full siblings. Rumor has it that Kanna's relationship with Lian may have been more than sisterly; but in the present day, her affections and long-term committment to Captain Ruka are pretty much a given, considering how much the two have been seen together in the past weeks and how much Kanna has grown to appreciate his support. Kanna has a stormy "friendship" with Sumire, alternatively tolerating and being frustrated by the latter's aristocratic ways, though this relationship had mellowed long before the revelation that Sumire was actually her cousin, and she seems to be drawing on her for more support these days as well.

Her opinion of her neice/nephew Morgan had nose-dived in the past few weeks, likely due to the entire Merehallow and House Alars affairs (though she doesn't seem as bitter about it anymore), but is now viewed with regret due to the recent news of his death. Her esteem for her deceased nephew Moriya is considerable, and she was seen to have given two quality paintings to Shizumaru, Rimururu, and Mitsune at Morya's funeral. (It is likely that Kaede and Motoko will receive paintings as well in the near future, once Kanna regains her mental focus from some the news -learned- at the funeral, and gets to know Kaede and Yuki better.)

She respects Motoko for all the selfless effort she has put forth in the current crisis, serving as a Liason between Amber and Chaos as well as her position as the Bride of the Dragon. Kanna's respect for Jacqueline has gone up several notches in the wake of the Akashan adventure and other missions, as well as that for the other team-members (she also appears not to find anything particularly odd about the Jacqui/Thoric/Mutsumi relationship. Go figure.). She is very relieved that there has been some sort of a reconciliation between Jacqui and Gabrielle -- though she doesn't know the circumstances, she figures why question good fortune? Her opinion of the ability of Amber and Chaos to work together has gone up as well, courtesy of the group rescue / smackdown mission on Serpent's Horn, and the preparations for the war against Hel.

It is not known yet what Kanna's current feelings are on Kuonji's recent actions, or those of Cait-Ryoko's. She hasn't committed homicide -- not yet, at least.

Played by Philip Moyer