Lady Kodachi, Widow of Lord Alars

Former Priestess of Wood

Lady Kodachi of House Alars is a tall, slender dark-haired woman who married Lord Alars some thirty years ago, and bore him a number of children. Some of them died when Hiko blew up House Alars during the rescue of Morgan; her remaining children are Talia (who will inherit the leadership of the House when she comes of age), Suu, and an unnamed baby.

Kodachi has a reputation as a kind and gentle woman who loves plants and has great skill with them. Lord Alars apparently greatly mellowed under her influence.

Since her husband's death, Kodachi has taken over the running of House Alars until Talia comes of age. It was she who engineered the capture of Morgan and Hiko; once they were in her hands, however, she offered them the option of swearing fealty to House Alars for several centuries to pay off their blood debts. Both have accepted.

Despite all this seeming beneficence and the obvious love her husband and daughters had for her, there are hints of darker things. Kodachi is suspected by those knowledgeable about the Keep of the Five Worlds to be the former Priestess of Wood, Servant of the Great Mother, the Outsider Shub-Niggurath. Whether she retains any connection to her former role beyond a love for growing things is unknown, but it is cause for some concern--particularly in light of the fact that another former Priestess of the Keep, Mina of Water, seems to have married Lord Darios at about the same time as Kodachi married Lord Alars. A third, Rei of Fire, may have married Lord Tremere, but has not yet been confirmed to match the description of the Rei of the Keep.

Motoko has since confronted Kodachi about her past, however. Kodachi claims that her late husband cleansed her of the Outsider taint when he first found her all those years ago, and that no one in the House knows of this past, as she would be dead within the day if the secret came out. Of course, she may be simply one of the best actors in existence, but it is hard to hide Outsider influence for decades and raise a well-adjusted child like Suu....

Kodachi has recently been revealed to be originally Lipunese, along with her brother, Kunou, the Marshal of Alars. She now wears Hiko's Spikard.