Kuonji Ukyou, Okonomiyaki Chef from the highlands of Lipun.

or Kuonji Inji, rival of Beowulf and Keeper of the Gate of Referendum.

Which is real, and which is mask?

Kuonji's actions to date have been infuriatingly uneven. He appears to have conned Kanna, only to save the lives of Utena and Wakaba, only to give Keitaro a mild case of dead and half the family a non-mild case of aggravation, only to save Kozue and Motoko (*) and recover Merehallow. He almost always seems polite, reasonable, and the soul of courtesy - yet past experience has shown that he plays fast and loose with the truth, and manipulates both people and events towards some unseen goal. Even those who appreciate his help trust him as far as they can throw Kolvir.

In fact, the only reliable thing that may be said about Kuonji is that there are usually at least two sides to him in everything, be it loyalties, ethics, actions, abilities, or even things as basic as gender and name.

At present, Kuonji bears the Claw of the Serpent. He has shown unexpected ties to Anno, and has been hailed by the Logrus as the 'Lion of Chaos', Annadil's old title. It remains to be seen whether on not this bodes good or ill - and for who.

Played by [Mike Loader]?.

(*) Something Motoko could probably dispute if really pressed, given the circumstances of the "rescue".