The Leather Knight of Shamber

Deranged Biker Chick Pattern Knight

The guardian of Ota Tenjou's Flawed Pattern, she was linked via pattern to Kasumi Tendo, Ota's fiancee, and eventually was married to him in an odd sort of three person marriage that was technically a two person marrige but wasn't. The flaw in the pattern meant that she was prone to fits of raging temper and violence, which could only be balanced by sharing the stress of the flaw with Kasumi, thus making them both a tad unpredictably violent. She was destroyed recently along with the Shamber pattern in the attack by Taylor D'Arden's blood creature swarms, but has ben resurrected by Jacqueline when she re-created the pattern.

Unfortunately, Vice and Mature chose that moment to show up and smacked the Shamber pattern down with a hoard of logrus creatures. The Shamber pattern was stunned badly by the attack, and woke up three days later with a strong headache.

The Leather Knight has gaps in her memory, due to the damage she took from Shamber's fall, and has also lost the combat mastery she gained when drawn by Shaft, instead replaced by Jacqueline's meager swordskills. On the other hand, she's gained a wealth of magic knowledge and a formidable psyche from Jacqueline.

She's proud of Jacqueline getting a harem of her own, but is having a hard time getting along with Moonshade.

She was last seen running off to have MPS with Fuyutsuki. No, really.