Saner Than Her Father and Mother

Lian, daughter of Wasyuu and Gideon.

Not-quite-mad Scientist(tm) and knower of many things, she's often found running around shadow on this or that quest with Beowulf and Kanna. When not doing so, she can be found performing various forms of research in Mechanus, her personal shadow.

Recent events have found her travelling from Amber to Chaos and back again, racing for Spikard keys, destroying Outsider constructs, questing to the home of the Elder Gods, training in Elder Sign Lore, and getting a furry boyfriend, a werepanther by the name of Thropan from Jade.

She eventually suffered the tragic fate of dying in the Abyss after deciding kidnapping Abyss monks, then turning them into a boat was a really good way to find the White Knight, rather than a recipie for suicide.

Played by [Chris Bremer]?.