Lord Loewen of House Helgram

Psychotic Bandaged Freak Boy, Lord of Chaos, Serpent Fan

Loewen says, "I want to see them all turned into flaming puddles of blood, their severed heads turned into drinking cups, their only burial a mass pit of stinking maggots." He pauses. "However, what you do with your own prisoners is your own business. If you choose to coddle these beasts that walk like men, so that in the end, they may bite you on the ass for your kindness, that is your own business. They have defamed the Serpent and chosen to follow a false god. They deserve to perish. I will not suffer them to live if they fall into my hands." He pauses again. "Eliminating any leaders you get a shot at would be good, but that is definitely a secondary objective."

--Loewen on the question of capturing leaders of the Serpent's Horn during the raid on their base

"Our enemies will run before us like dogs to be cut down. When the time comes for the war, I will answer your call. The Queen of the Dead will rue the day she cast her eyes upon our fair land of Chaos!"

He pauses, looking thoughtful. "Does she have a dog?"

--Loewen to Motoko

The wrong man, with the wrong ideas.

It all came out in a private audience with Motoko, the Bride of the Serpent, in which Loewen revealed that when he'd been cast into the Sacred Flame, he'd been offered a choice by the Serpent: die and go to his reward, or live with eternal pain and earn glory in a coming war. Loewen saw the World of the Dead, the Amber ruled by Hel, cold and lifeless, joyless, dead, saw himself leading the armies that would cast it down; he chose the second path, eternal pain and great glory, and was granted the spikard Hide of the Dragon by the Serpent--so long as he wears it, he cannot die.

But he didn't understand, and, lacking knowledge of Amber, assumed it was the Amber of his universe. And spent forty years hating and preparing for war against the wrong Amber, forty years blaming the wrong man for casting him into the Sacred Flame.

In the audience, Motoko told Loewen the truth, and then she showed it to him, summoning the Serpent in his incarnation as Rinbu, whose light banishes lies: Annadil?, Lion of Chaos, was the one who cast Loewen into the Sacred Flame, and the Amber he had been shown was not the Amber ruled by King Tylor, but by Hel.

Loewen is wearing a new skin now, or at least seems to be trying very hard to do so. He has sworn to answer Motoko's call when the Day of the Dead comes, to wield his blade for her against Hel. Perhaps even more importantly, he gave up the Logrusfoil Determination to her, in order that it might be returned to House Aesir in the hopes of putting an end to the old rift between them and Helgram. He swore in the name of the Serpent that he had nothing to do with the death of Shaft, either with planning, preparing or executing it; it seems unlikely that a man as devout as Loewen would lie under such an oath. His belief was that all responsibility lay with Taylor, Shaft's psychotic son.

He's still a twisted bandaged freak, but he now seems to be aimed, for the moment, at Amber's enemies. Whether they have dogs or not.

Loewen played a major role in the defeat of Serpent's Horn and the rescue of the captive Amberites and Davros, personally leading the commando team that rescued the prisoners from Daffyl's fortress and lending House Helgram's military might to crushing the armies of the Horn.

Loewen also recently helped rescue Jacqueline and Moonshade, and smacked down his Tremere-produced double in the process, claiming the Logrusfoils? of both House Darios? and House Alars as booty.