Prince Lucien of Amber, Crown Prince of Rebma

Son of Prince Derith of Amber and Crown Princess Moira of Rebma

Unlike his father, Prince Lucien seemed to be more oriented to arts of war and physical skills than to the arts of Pattern and mind. He appeared shortly after the beginning of Spring, walking the Pattern, then vanishing into shadow to begin his quest to reclaim his legacies from his parents. He reappeared at Marching with a trio of fairly deadly looking women and the Demi-Jewel of Water in his possession, and also later recovered his father's Patternblade, Greyswandir, under circumstances still not entirely clear.

With the aid of Prince Drake and various other members of the royal family, Lucien drove the Bloc from Rebma and reclaimed it. Fuyutsuki's? redrawing of the Water Pattern restored Rebma to its full glory, but Lucien did not have long to sit upon its throne before he died at ground zero of the bomb Wu-Anno dropped on the battlefield (ridden and guided by himself) in the final moments Hel had control over her universe's Chaos.