Chaosian Assassin

o/~ Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap o/~

Noted Chaosian assassin and partner of Vice, she compliments Vice's combat abilities with her own magic abilities and has been hired by Yog Y'Bootymac for Amberite Assassination duty. She is an elegant blond.

Most recently, she surfaced along with Vice in an attempt to asssasinate Beowulf. The attempt went badly, however, and resulted in Vice's capture. Possibly with the help of a Chaosian crimelord named Vicious, Mature successfully turned the tables on Beowulf and Jacqui when they tried to use Vice to capture Mature. Beowulf and Jacqui escaped the trap and seem to have abandoned the search for them for now.

Vice and Mature then resurfaced when they successfully captured Jacqui and Moonshade after Jacqui redrew Shamber's Flawed Pattern. They then successfully scammed Kanna and Lian out of Merehallow, but then after a massive battle involving half the family, fake Helgramites, and a burning barge, they were defeated and captured.

Mature was released on the Day of the Dead, and helped to defeat Wu-Van.