Reclusive Musician and Harem-Keeper of Amber

Musician, sorceress, keeper of an all-male harem (rumored to be shared with Shizumaru's mother, Atsuko), Michelle has been most notable in this crisis by her absence; never the most adventurous of souls, she seems to have largely withdrawn from such activities ever since a trip into shadow with Shizumaru after the Annadil Crisis.

Which didn't save her from nearly getting blasted apart by Jacqui during a card game in Thoric's quarters early in the present crisis. Or from being kidnapped by the Serpent's Horn terrorist group in an attempt to get at Thoric. She has since been rescued, and with Lady Atsuko she is working to find the remains of their mutual harem.

She has recently added a lost Avalonian, Ambassador Damask to her harem.


Current Children