Child of Air

"...But you don't know anything about dreams, you miserable little construct. You're nothing but the cast off blood of a parasite, of someone who doesn't even have any dreams of his own. I did what I did from love, while you know nothing but the commands of your hormones. And to make it worse, it was quite obvious that your technique was pathetic. Kozue would have gotten more pleasure from a toilet rod than you. Falme, give this man an ice cream cone. It'll keep his mouth shut so he can't dribble on me."

-- Don't mess with Mikage.

Sharp of tongue and keen of wit, Prince Mikage is considered one of the three most powerful minds of Amber, although many of the elders surpass him in learned skills. Still, his sheer power and his cunning makes him a force to be reckoned with. He continues to usually be seen with his flunky, [Lord Falme]? most of the time.

Mikage has recently returned from finally settling the Daigan Forty Years' War. He then vanished into shadow with his daughter on some mission.


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