Chief Diplomat of Amber

Threefold the oracles of water are
to him belongs the grace of the peaceful ocean
to him belongs the music of the crashing waves
gently, he moves, the sea at peace

He sings with open heart
he walks with open mind
he sees with open eyes
and music follows him
--From the Prophecies of the Serpent

Musician, warrior, trump artist. Miki has faced many challenges, but his current duty, that of establishing diplomatic relations with Chaos, may well prove to be his most difficult task.

House Darios has two reasons to hold a grudge against him, for his having slain members of the House during the Succession Crisis, and for his assistance in the rescue of Prince Ramon, although it is unknown if they are aware of the later. Darios is known to have employed the assassin Vice to kill him, though fortunately, she was unsuccessful, due to the actions of Motoko.

Miki also has reason to believe that several people responsible for his brainwashing during the Annadil Crisis are not just running around Chaos, but are in fact, married to major Lords of Chaos.

And many Chaosians just don't like Amberites on general principles. But despite all that, Miki seems determined to soldier onwards and carry out his mission. Once he gets a bodyguard, anyway.

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