Foxy Lady

Mitsune Butler. Daughter of Duchess Yumi and Travis the Royal Librarian. Shapeshifter extraordinaire, sorceress, sexy lass, haver of fun, tormentor of those too serious, particularly Prince Moriya. One foxy lady, hence her nickname "Kitsune".

Mitsune is known for goofing around, playing pranks, partying, flirting, doing more than flirting, et cetera. She particularly enjoys trying to make others loosen up, something which does not go too well at times, given the ways she does it.

However, despite all her silliness, she is a very capable person under fire. She has been traveling with Beowulf on his quests as of late, and has proven to be a valuable party member, using her magic and shapeshifting abilities to great effect. Most recently, she participated in the assault on Ebenscrux and managed to neutralize a mind-controlled Ramon, and then in the attack on the Gaunt Man's stronghold, actually threw herself into the path of a Patternblade thrust to prevent Beowulf from getting stabbed. (This ignited her blood; it appears Yumi is of Chaos.) She proceeded to yank the blade out of the enemy's grasp, turned into a flaming mist, and torched the man from the inside.

There has been a further development, one that is boggling quite a number of people: rumors now say that she is romantically involved with, of all people, Prince Moriya. This is taking into consideration a certain haiku that she wrote on the gates of Castle Amber, entailing how boring she found him, among all the other history between those two. Maybe he decided to loosen up, maybe she seduced him, maybe both, maybe he's gone mad.... The last one seems possible, given that he was rather irate the night of Marching, when he went over to Mitsune (his date for the ball) and kissed her right in front of everyone. Oh well, they do seem happy together. Just don't act so surprised anymore; he seems to be annoyed by that now.

Mitsune played an important leadership role (not always for the better) during the recent Mystara expedition, due to her expertise (at least compared to everyone else) in Mystaran ways.

With the conclusion of the Mystara quest, she has gone down to Chaos along with Moriya to join the diplomatic mission headed by Miki, along with her mother Yumi? and Motoko (having the Bride of the Dragon along rather helps, after all). Let's hope she stays out of trouble down there.

Mitsune is currently mourning, due to the death of Moriya, and now has the Logrusfoil Trust in her care, acquired from the man she slew who had slewn him.