Like Father, Like...

Moonshade, daughter of Ota "Shaft" Tenjou and Nienna the Valar Goddess.

A tall, well-built, pink-haired woman nearly as tall as Kanna, Moonshade was recently found and brought back to Amber by the later woman, and accompanied her on her search for the Tenjou Trio. She's known to be a damn good combatant, and she wishes her father was still alive...

... so she could kill him for abandoning her mother after defeating Morgoth.

Ahwell, not all reunions go smooth.

Moreover, she seems to be a bit enamored of Ramon, that big, strong guy. This does not exactly endear her to Keiko.

After having taken part in the mission to rescue her half-sister Jacqueline, Moonshade has accompanied her to quests in Mystara and the Akashan League. She is currently with Jacqueline visiting their great-great-grandfather, Anno of Gainax, in Chaos. She has also regained the Sword of the Valar, forged by her uncle and wielded for a time by her father, thanks to Moriya (who seems to be making a habit of finding swords for other people).

Moonshade was very badly injured in the final battle against Serpent's Horn and lost an arm to a Patternblade strike--it has since been regenerated by Motoko's higher-level Pattern magics.

In an interesting twist of fate, Moonshade seems to now be somewhat attracted to Ramon's daughter, Motoko. This quite likely started when Motoko came to Moonshade in a male form, which happened to look quite a bit like Ramon but more bishonen. However, there still seems to be some interest in Moonshade's part despite Motoko returning to female form.

Moonshade has, in fact, become Motoko's new Sword since Moriya's death, and is rumored to be even closer to her than that...

In fact, she definitely is closer, given she joined the High Summer Rites, an act of holy, pure, spiritual mad passionate sex, which involved her, Motoko, Mitsune, and Davros. It remains to be seen if Keiko will kill her for this or not.