Morgan, Prince and Princess of Amber

Son and Daughter of Princess Hiko and The Green Knight

Born of the love of Princess Hiko and the Green Knight, Morgan took more after her father than his mother, sharing his father's inclination to feats of arms and ability to change sex, while showing no signs of her mother's psychic aptitudes and magical training.

Morgan and Hiko were captured by Kodachi of House Alars soon after Morgan's return to Amber; instead of executing them (and thus bringing down the wrath of Amber on the head of her House), Kodachi allowed them to swear fealty to House Alars for several centuries to pay off the blood debt and end the feud.

Morgan died almost instantly during the final battle in Hel's Chaos when Lady Suroth, one of the most powerful of Hel's Chaosian Wu, pierced his eye and brain with the Logrusfoil she had shaped into the horns of her battle form.