Poet and Swordsman

Moriya takes rather after his father, Shizumaru, such as much of his looks, and is also quite the fighter, having trained with a number of weapons. He does not bear as much resemblance to his mother, Rimururu, but cares for both his parents dearly. He is reknowned as a poet of Lipunese styles in particular.

He seems to be one of the few males that his cousin Motoko not only tolerates, but gets along with quite well (another is his father). Naturally, this leads to quite a bit of whispering about the two, but these rumors are usually just ignored by them, as something beneath their attention. Or, if they're in a bad mood, they'll kick some ass, although politely.

He has spent much time at the Keep, his parent's domain, and is favored by Kafuin, the construct that acts as custodian of the Keep and the Elder Seal that locks out the Fount and Outsiders. Lately, he and Motoko have been roaming around shadow, trying to gather information on their Uncle Shaft's killers and saving various members of the family.

More recently, he's spent quite a bit of time in Chaos along with Motoko and Davros the Chaos Stylite, to recover his father, his mother, Aunt Nanami, Uncle Drake, and so on. He's apparently also one of the Pillars of Wisdom, the Sword (of the Sword and the Soul; Davros is the Soul), who accompanies the prophesied Bride of the Dragon--Motoko, it would appear.

The rumor about him and Mitsune is, more or less, confirmed, as he brought her as his date to Marching, and then, for reasons still not quite known, kissed her right in the middle of the ballroom floor toward the end of the night. He'd seemed rather stressed the entire evening, though, so perhaps that had something to do with it.

And as for Motoko, these days, when the suggestion of them as a couple is brought up, well, this usually earns a rather cold stare from him. (Given the evil things that have happened to him recently involving his feelings for Motoko, he's trying to let them go, and is seeking to get Davros released from his vows honorably so that Motoko and Davros can be together.)

Moriya is back in Chaos again, after a quest to find Withywindle, Blade of Wood, and participating in the rather unsatisfying trip to Mystara. He is a part of the diplomatic mission there, as one of the Pillars of Wisdom. Notably, he has traded away Withywindle in order to get Justice back from House Alars, to return to Jacqueline, as he had promised during the Marching Ball. He was, understandably, rather upset by this loss--but a promise is a promise. He seems to have come to terms with it, however. Still, he has said that he believes he does need a powerful sword, though he is not "owed" one.

Moriya and his group are further hacking off Darios, no doubt, by foiling attempts to use the Bebop bounty hunters to capture himself and Davros, during their stay in Chaos.

Unfortunately, the Serpent's Horn has captured Davros and also Moriya's grandmother Atsuko. This has placed considerable stress on him, in the time leading up to the planned raid on Daffyl and his SH faction, in order to rescue the prisoners and recover Merehallow. So much stress that it appears he's turned into a woman (looking very much like his grandmother) and apparently thinks that he (she?) has always been female. Or possibly he (she) is just messing with people's minds, and is planning on using his (her) present appearance to confuse the Serpent's Horn when the attack comes.

He went off seeking after a Logrus blade, in hopes of trading it for either Withywindle or the release of his father. But after accidentally stepping into a long dormant death trap with Mitsune, Beowulf, Lily, Keitaro, and Shinobu Minor, Moriya nobly sacrificed himself in a stunning display of courage and skill to save the others from near certain death, after a long series of horrible and trying battles. His body is currently being returned to the Keep of 5 Elements.

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Played by Andrew Huang.