The Bride of the Dragon

"To be the bride of a god is both ecstasy and terror, young one. As you shall no doubt learn."

--Told to Motoko by an unnamed Abyss Monk shortly after she learned her destiny

Motoko is the eldest living child of Ramon and Keiko; Keiko was attacked by an unknown crossbowman during her pregnancy, and went into a premature labour that Motoko's older sister, who would have been her twin, did not survive.

Sickly as a child and without the great strength of her father, Motoko learned magic from her mother and grandmother, and, later on, studied the art of the sword with her uncles Shizumaru and Saionji. As she grew older, she became increasingly interested in the family and culture her mother had left behind in Lipun, and spent some time there, developing in that period her signature style of magic, which uses her sword as a casting focus.

Motoko controls a large and extremely isolated Shadow nation called Kenshi, which bears some cultural and geographic similarities to Lipun. It generally has no contact whatsoever with other Shadows or with Amber, though she occasionally invites relatives of whom she is fond to visit her there. Recent events have made her decide to try and integrate her land into the larger universe, but she does not yet seem sure how to do this.

At the start of the current crisis, Motoko first worked closely with her cousin Moriya, to investigate the death of Shaft. They soon met up with Davros the Stylite, who had aided Moriya's father four decades back.

Since then, Motoko has travelled from one end of the universe to another with Moriya and Davros, encountering much danger and adventure, and discovering along the way that she is the Bride of the Serpent, a long-prophesied figure in the Courts of Chaos. Among other things, this makes her a Priestess of the Serpent, and allows her to have up to three spouses. Perhaps most significantly, she fell very deeply in love with Davros; this has undoubtedly contributed to her becoming rather more relaxed and open than she was before. Relations between her and Moonshade have also become very close of late since Moonshade took on the position of the Sword of the Bride after Moriya's death. There are some whispers that relations between the three of them are very close indeed...

...and indeed, they are. Charged by the Serpent with bringing life back to Hel's Chaos and restoring the Serpent of Hel's universe to freedom, Motoko performed a holy, righteous, sacred, blessed High Summer Rite which involved kinky tantric sex with Davros, Moonshade, and Mitsune. Defended by the forces of the Great Houses of Alars and Helgram, several members of the family of Amber, and Kaede and Yuki of Frostspire, they completed the Rite amidst a horrific battle that resulted in the deaths of Morgan and Hiko, along with many of their allies.

Following the Rites, she made a small contribution to the final battle by joining with DeManthy?, Davros, Loewen and others to forge a triple-pronged Abyss/Logrus/Pattern? attack against Hel from the middle of the Abyss, stunning her briefly at a key moment.

Her plans for the future are unknown, but more sex is suspected to figure prominently.