Made the Potato

Keen of eye
sharp of tongue
you know more than you tell
and see more than is known
but your wisdom
remains your own
for all fear
the angry sage
--The Prophecies of the Serpent

Princess of Amber, and really a much nicer person than she'd like you to think. Mother of Ramon and creator of The Potato.

For a while, Nanami had been guarding three Lion spikards (probably a veritable torment for her, given that these are extremely powerful magic sources that she cannot safely use). However, they are now gone, apparently destroyed through some great effort after the attack on the Outsider construct Ebenscrux. And she now possesses the Eye of the Dragon, AKA Magnus the Unseen, which formerly belonged to Drake. She seems quite happy with this new development, while Drake and Kozue (brief owner before Drake) are a bit disgruntled.

Nanami is quite proud of Tsuwabuki's recent promotion to Marshal of Amber.

Nanami recently helped bail Kanna out of a bit of a jam in CAFAM.


Current Children