Nanami Minor

Former Phantom Baby, Current Real Live Baby


Nanami Minor is the third daughter of Keiko and Ramon. She appeared one day as an infant of just a few months of age, very active and inquisitive, and with a fondness for trying to crawl inside people's clothes. Keiko and Ramon explained that they had gone to a fast-timed Shadow as soon as they'd realized Keiko was pregnant in order to have the baby safely--an understandable measure, given the events of Naomi and Motoko's birth and the current crisis.

Some among the family know the truth, which is that Nanami Minor is a Tir'na'nog spectre from the World of the Dead, saved by being killed on the Pattern at the hands of a phantom Sakura by Motoko and Dios?, and then brought fully into existence by Anthy.

Nanami Minor spent the final battle safe in a nursery at Ember, playing lovingly with her little cousin Random.