Warrior / Academic

A recent graduate of Ohtori Academy, Naru has now set her sights on Panopticon University. She's spent the last year studying for the entrance exams and being rather resentful of anyone who interrupts said studies. Thus, she is usually to be found in the library, getting Travis to help her study. In what little spare time she has, she plays a lot of tennis and helps her mother train elite cavalry. She's a notable swordswoman herself, trained in elite cavalry tactics by her mother, Shinobu, combining weapon use with Power Words to make her quite dangerous in battle.

Her relations with her parents tend to be rather variable, as both she and her mother are hot-tempered, and her mother wants her to go into the Amberite army, rather than running off to Panopticon University just because she was tutored by someone from there. Her father quietly supports her when her mother isn't looking.

Naru is known to be on quite good terms with Travis, Haruna, and Yumi, all of whom she's roped into helping her study at some point in time. She went to Ohtori with Kitsune, and they remain close friends. She has been known to berate Lily about her dressing habits, but Lily just laughs and pats her head.

Naru recently returned from a trip into shadow with Nausicaa, Keitaro, and Kentaro. She seems irritable of late, perhaps because of Keitaro going to Marching with Shinobu Minor instead of her...

Naru has gone off into shadow with Beowulf since Marching; she's known to have assisted in the plundering of the Castle of the Night, and to have joined the mission to Leng as well.

Naru performed ably in the war on the Serpent's Horn. She is now resident in Cathuria with Juri.