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"This is where dad would kick their asses, right?"
-- Jacqueline to Hiko, after a group of lizardmen demand they surrender.

"This is why I wanted to go alone."
--Jacqueline, being right for once, after the mission to fix Morganstern results in Ramon and Morgan being flung out to chaos.

"Uh oh."
-- Jacqueline, right before her chain lighting spell goes awry and destroys a door, sets fire to a bed, and fries several of her relatives, and, at last, comes back to zap her.

"No, that one's for Earthquake...."
--Jacqueline, sorting through her spells, trying to remember how to do Magic Cleanup

"I don't like Chaos."
--Jacqueline, after her fourth visit from Amber to Chaos in the span of a week.

Motoko points at Gabrielle. "You... you... you're dressed like some kind of warrior HUSSY!"
Gabrielle the Blue looks over at Motoko. "I am not a Hessian! I'm a Valkyrie!"
- Motoko responds calmly and rationally to Shinobu Minor's new look

Gabrielle flushes a bit, and stands. "Umm. I don't really know how to say this..."
Kanna says, "Hm?" Kanna starts to drink her Orange Juice.
Gabrielle sighs. "Maybe the best way is to just begin with introductions." Gabrielle lays a hand on Nagisa's shoulder. "This is my husband, Nagisa," she says slowly. She puts an arm around the blue-haired woman. "And our daughter, Shinobu."
Kanna says, "..." Kanna's pancakes become orange-juice flooded as she drops her glass on the plate.
Nagisa smiles nervously. "We...umm...yes..."
Shinobu Minor waves cheerfully.
-- The joys of a growing family.

Gabrielle frowns. "Jaqui is very, very lucky that I am not, by nature, a particularly vengeful person."
The Red Knight snorts.
-- Gabrielle on Jacqueline. Raise your hand if you particularly believe -that- statement...

"What IS it with people and Spikards these days? At this rate, they'll be blue-light specialling them down at CAFAM!"
-- Kanna on current events. Little does she know...

"Make note. Keep Jacqui away from ANYTHING nominally more high-tech than a toaster oven."
-- Kanna upon hearing the news Jacqueline was responsible for Morgenstern's current dementia

"I thought I told you, Jacqueline, that you were grounded."
-- Moriya to our most lovable cousin, Tacnuke Jacqui

"I'd spit on her corpse, but my mouth is too dry."
-- Moriya really, really hates Black Unicorn-Amber Fiona

Motoko reaches out, takes Moriya's shoulders, and firmly-but-gently pushes him back down to a lying position. "I think, though awake, you are not fully recovered."
Moriya falls down heavily on his back. "You're probably right, Motoko. At the moment, I feel like grabbing you and kissing you, which would be a stupid thing to do. Oh. Did I just say that out loud?"
Davros says, "..."
-- Getting 10% of your brain frotzed makes for interesting conversation

Other-Kanna approaches Kanna. "Didn't you fall into the Abyss?"
Kanna looks down at herself. "Not since last I checked, and I've only been as far as the outer borders of Chaos, anyway." She smiles a bit.
-- Kanna meets her opposite number. Don't you just -love- parties like these?

"... is it me, Lian, or were we into Soap Opera levels of Tension up there for a few?"
"Soap Opera is a lot more relaxed, usually. Really ... "
"What's a Soap Opera?"
-- Kanna, Lian, and Shinobu Minor on the current Moriya/Motoko/Davros triangle

"I hope the construct doesn't have any potatoes, then."
Motoko says, "I hope so as well, Mitsune-san."
Motoko says, "A large potato gap between ourselves and the enemy could be devastating."
Motoko frowns intensely. "In fact, given our complete lack of potatoes, even a few potatoes on the enemy side could be problematic. I will have to try and devise some means of compensating for the possibility of potato-based resources on Ebenscrux's side."
-- Mitsune and Motoko on Ebenscrux

Jacqueline blinks at Moriya timidly. "What'd I do now?"
- Jacqueline, getting used to being the cause of disaster.

Jacqueline pauses a moment, concentrates, and yanks off a finger and puts it into the cup.
Jacqueline says, "owie."
Moriya stares.
Jacqueline shakes her hand a bit, and the finger grows back.
Moriya says, "I was expecting you to cut yourself, perhaps, and bleed a little bit. Please don't do that again."
Jacqueline frets, flustered. "I-I'msorry."
Moriya says, "That's okay."
Moriya . o O ( Note to self - never play 'pull my finger' with a shapeshifter. )
- How not to give a blood sample

Morgan says, "Ah... Cousin Jacqueline..." He smiles. "She's one in a million."
Kanna OOCly says, "THANKFULLY."
Moriya OOCly sniggers.
Kanna OOCly says, "(There is only one Jacqueline in all of Shadow and Reality. And all of Reality is grateful.)"
-- The kinder way to look at Jacqui. (hey, if you can't say something nice...)

Motoko wrinkles her nose. "Abyss pirates? Sounds unsavoury."
Anno says, "Yes, there are, in some universes, pirates who operate from the Abyss. Some of them even do cross-universal work. The important rule is to never trust one who has a beard."
- Anno helps Motoko become Safety Smart

Rural VII says, "I'll just shapeshift my hormones away so it won't matter."
- The High Priest of the Serpent to Motoko, right before she walked buck naked through the Sacred Fire

Moriya woodenly says, "Hello, Motoko. I'd like you to meet Motoko. Motoko, this is Motoko."
- Moriya to a disguised Mitsune, midway through the Crisis of Infinite Motokos

"Aunt Nanami, can I have another potato?"
"Later, dear."
-- Moriya rather appreciates Nanami's handiwork

Jaqueline tries to see any outsider energy with patternsight
Kanna considers, and does much the same thing.
Since Jacqui doesn't have Patternsight, nothing happens.
-- Classic case of not reading the user's manual of Pattern Capabilities

Davros says, "The idea of being set on fire does not excite me."
Moriya says, "It's rather invigorating, for the first second or two."
Davros says, "So is falling off one's pillar, but it tends to end badly."
Moriya says, "Quite."
-- Davros and Moriya, discussing certain constructs who shall remain nameless