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Moonshade says, "Do you do that with Mutsumi and Thoric too?"
Jacqueline says, "not yet, but if they want to get kinky, I'm game."
-- You really don't wanna know.

Katie begins to 'walk' Raggedy Mandy along, crawling on her belly behind the doll. "What sort of monsters live here?" she asks.
Motoko says, "Icky ones. Like... umm... the terrible Selabiseebeast, who was always getting in the way of true love."
Motoko says, "It has fourteen heads, and even more legs, and all the heads had poor fashion sense."
Katie eeps. "What a horrible monster!"
Motoko says, "So their outfits never matched each other, and they always clashed horribly."
-- Motoko plays with the kids. Sort of.

The elevator begins to descend. A tape that sounds like...Mikage?...begins to play. "So, I understand you have had some frustrations in your life, recently..."
Kanna enters the elevator with Kozue, of course.
Kozue blinks. "Mikage, is that you?"
Kanna arches an eyebrow. "Hm. I didn't know he did self-help tapes."
-- Well now, we know how Mikage supplements his income while doing diplomacy...

"Really, Kanna ... here and now? Isn't that a bit ... kinky?"
"Hadn't you heard, Lian? We Harad Women are turned on by hot, sweaty, viscerial combat. The nastier the better, especially if you can make out with your allies afterwards."
"My my ... should I order you a nice leather outfit, then?"
"You haven't looked in my closet recently, have you?"
"Now that you mention it ... no. I'll ask Ruka when we see him again."
"He hasn't had a chance to look in my closets, either, dear." . o O (Okay, so it's all leather biking gear and jumpsuits...)
"I'll ask him anyway. Maybe we can come up with one we both like."
-- The Secret Lives Of Action Heroines.

Nanami says, "It might be possible for us to go straight to the top. If Zeus has been corrupted, I can probably use my Spikard to detect it and fix it."
She continues, "As I believe my strength backed by my ring exceeds hers."
Yumi says, "Well, there is an easy way to get Zeus out of his estates somewhere he can be studied..."
Motoko laughs nervously.
-- <insert witty "strange bedfellows" pun here>

Vice says, "I swear on this patternblade that I'll come along peacefully, since I really would rather not be hacked to death by half the Royal Family of Amber."
-- Vice demonstrates the intelligence and pragmatism for which she is famed.

Motoko says, "Someone is going to have to tell me exactly how this all came about later on." She looks up at Loewen and smiles. "Hello, Lord Loewen. I've lost an ear."
Lord Loewen says, "Yes, you did."
-- Motoko and Loewen, stating and affirming the obvious in the aftermath of the skyship battle.

Moonshade blinks, then nods. "Jacqui shapeshifts all the time, though she doesn't do guys much." She pauses. "You know what I mean."
-- Moonshade with Motoko, just talking about shapeshifting, really.

Moonshade says, "So, whatcha going to do about that, love monk?"
Steam comes out of Davros' ears
-- Shaft would be so proud.....

Drake says, "I would prefer not to bring Jacqueline into this unless we have to. As I don't trust her not to screw up."
"Nor do I wish to become collateral damage."
Motoko winces slightly, but nods. "As you will, Uncle." She sighs. "I hope she has better luck with her current situation than she usually does."
Drake asks, "What is her current situation?"
Motoko says, "She's trying to destroy some sort of Pre-Logrus nuclear demigod who was released... when... Begma kind of... blew up during her attempts to stop the construction of a new Lion Spikard."
Drake says, "When you say 'Begma blew up', do you mean the entire country? Or just a large portion of it?"
Motoko says, hurriedly, "I mean, she didn't blow it up herself. Out of control magic from the Lion Spikard ritual did. I think it was just a large portion. And she fixed it as well as she could."
Drake looks thoughtful. You can almost see a thought bubble in which Drake contemplates putting Jacqueline inside a nuke and firing her at the construct.
-- Taking the term "Tacnuke Jacqui" to the logical conclusion.

She (Kanna) quirks a smile. "Once she gets back, Aunt Juri's thinking of looking into how Silya got to Akasha. Perhaps the two of you can make it a quick trip, at least to see the Leauge and the Holy Tree."
Corrine says, "I hope so. I'm going to be wanting a vacation after this is all over."
She says, "Give you a chance to be regent." She winks.
Kanna -coughs-, and mrbles a bit, fiddling with her fingers as she looks down at them. "...'dve thought aunt c'thrine w'ld be better suited, mom...." She blushes, looking embarrassed.
Corrine says, "Well, one day, this throne will be yours. It never hurts to start young."
Kanna just Looks over at her mother. "Eheh. It never hurts to start young on the migraine headache, you mean."
Corrine just smiles. "Something like that."
Kanna says, dryly, "Thanks, mom." But she smiles.
-- There are downsides to being the Crown Princess...

She (Jacqueline) looks up at the heavens. "Any minute now. And I'd better not end up in the Lesbian Hordes of Juri or something."
The world flickers
You find yourself in a huge convention hall.
There's a big sign that says 'Cross-Dimensional Lesbian Juri Convention'
You are surrounded by thousands of Juris, wearing everything from Ohtori Uniforms to cave woman to Knight Sabre armor.
Jacqueline gulps. "Uh oh."
They all turn and stare at you hungrily.
Jacqueline asks, "ah... hi?"
-- Taking a wrong turn in the virtual memory tour.

Fuyutsuki says, "Hmm, you know, Kasumi's not married any more...excellent." Then he vanishes.
Jacqueline turns pale.
Jacqueline exclaims, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"
-- Fuyutsuki demonstrating MILF.

Moonshade says, "Hmm. We probably should call Fuyutsuki."
Jacqueline grits her teeth. Very loudly. "Grampa Fuyutsuki is f-f-f-sh-sh-sh- he's DOING my moms right now." *TWITCH*TWITCH*TWITCH*
Moonshade gets out a trump, then pauses. "Doing what with them?"
Mutsumi blushes.
Thoric says, "What, both of them at once?"
Moonshade stumbles backwards, then nearly slides off the turtle. "Daaaaamn."
Jacqueline shakes a fist at the heavens. "WHY HAST THOU FORSAKEN MEEEEE!!!!"
The heavens begin playing porno music.
Jacqueline says, "nnngg."
-- There are days when the universe just doesn't like you very much.

Jacqueline says, "um, hi King Tylor. I, ah, think there's something you oughta know. The pattern has started generating marauding randy patternghosts."
Tylor says, "..."
Tylor says faintly, "Please tell me it didn't make one of Father."
-- Pimp Daddy Gendo rides again?

It looks rather like Las Vegas.
The populace begins to panic as the giant turtle cruises down on them.
Jacqueline exclaims, "what would they be doing in... NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!"
Jacqueline clenches a fist and shakes it at the heavens. "But I don't want a father-in-law!!!!!!!"
Moonshade says, "Hmm, that would make Fuyutsuki your father and your great-grandfather."
Jacqueline blinks. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!"
"So you'd be King Gendo's sister."
Jacqueline's brain begins smoking
Thoric tries to fan away the smoke.
-- The Family Tree turning into spaghetti...

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