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Beowulf relaxes his concentration and moves somewhat away from the river.
The river begins to rise up, forming itself into a miles-long serpent.
Beowulf says, "OOC Does the river slow down when I relax... oh. o.O"
Your watch insists, "Cast in the Name of God, Ye Not Guilty."
Beowulf asks, "OOC Any sense of threat from the serpent, or merely watchfulness?"
You hear it bellow, "DEATH TO THE WHITE MAN!"
--Not Beowulf's Day

Moonshade says, "How the hell did _Jacqui_ get the _Logrus_ pregnant???"
Motoko recites, blankly, "Well, you see, when the penis of the male is sufficiently stimulated, it err... shapeshifting, I expect."
-- First use of the word "penis" by Motoko in over 100 logs

Mitsune says, "We could probably all use a cold shower."
She says, "Oooh, I could turn the ocean cold."
Motoko says, "Cold showers or immersions apart from each other in order that we don't have to look at each other's gleaming water-slick bodies."
Davros says, "With our wet clothing clinging to us in the sort of way that hides everything, yet conceals nothing."
Smoke comes out of Moonshade's ears.
-- I don't think this one really needs explanation

Beowulf blinks. "Reassuring?"
Beowulf asks, "Did I miss something?"
Kanna scratches her cheek. "What, that the Windwalker was pissed off at me and Lian for killing his 'Chosen One', and the fact that I later poked him in the palm with Merehallow on the way to Cathuria probably didn't help his opinion of me any?"
Beowulf blinks. "You did *what*?!?"
-- Catching Up Is Hard To Do...

Frito says, "This one was kind of forced upon us. As we went to the Abyss to toss the rock in -- and found the body."
Akio asks, "did you toss the rock in?"
Akio blinks. "Just lying there?"
Akari says, "At the edge, yes."
Akio asks, "Conveneiently where you happened to go, out of the entire rim of the Abyss?"
Akio says, "My, how convenient."
Cyprine says, "She was holding a small white card that said "I ATEN'T A TRAP.""
Akari says, "Exactly."
-- OOC discussion of the finding of Lian's body

You all keep running. Nanami finishes her spell. The Pattern appears over the Inky Blackness. The Pattern falls on the Inky Blackness. There is a loud FWAKOOM. The darkness rumbles, crackles, and burns. And then it is gone.
Nanami shakes her fist in the air. "Nothing beats the taste of Pattern!"
-- Nanami, Spokeswoman for the National Pattern Council

Motoko says, apologetically, "Hello. We seem to have been unexpectedly plunged into a crisis. The Logrus and Davros (who currently thinks he's Gabrielle) and possibly Dios-sama are attacking a fortress Shadow of Tremere Outider cultists in an attemp to rescue Jacqueline's daughter."
Kaede stares uncomprehendingly.
Motoko adds, helpfully, "We need you to come with us and help us kill things, Kaede-san."
-- Why it's bad to come late to the party

Jacqueline asks, "that reminds me, did you know that Summer Rites thing was an annual event?"
Thoric says, "I must admit that I would have much more expected to hear that Moriya died because he and Mitsune had sex in the Titantic as it sank and he drowned, given my own experiences with Mitsune, but..."
Thoric says, "I think it's always High Summer Rites at Mom's house." He pauses. "Are you insinuating something, Jacqui?"
Jacqueline wags her eyebrows. "Wanna join them next year?"
Thoric stares in shock. "Did they extend you an invitation?"
Mutsumi turns beet red.
Jacqueline smiles. "I'm just kidding! Just kidding!" Then she seems to think seriously for a moment. "Then again, as a symbol of unity between the new Chaos and Amber, it'd probably be a neat and symbolic thing to do...."
Mutsumi . o O (Mother is going to bury me in an unmarked grave.)
Jacqueline waves a hand dismissively. "Forget it. Don't worry about it."
Thoric says, "Hmm, yes, from the symbolic perspective, it would be."
He continues, "But we'd have to make absolutely certain Mitsune is never, ever, ever allowed to pick the location ever."
"Positions, fruit, times of day, costumes, interesting games, yes. But never, ever let her decide WHERE to have sex if you want to live." He pauses. "That and don't ever go shopping with Beowulf if you enjoy not being a doll."
-- Thoric's Advice On Sex with Mitsune and Shopping with Beowulf.

Jacqueline mutters, "need to get the books.... maybe a camcorder for playback.... ask Aunt Yumi what shadow to use....."
Thoric says, "A camcorder for playback?"
Jacqueline absently says, "Yeah, sis needs some pointers for sex with other women so that she's ready to save the world with Motoko during summer rites."
Jacqueline freezes.
Thoric says, "..."
Jacqueline says, "oh, wait, forget I said that."
Mutsumi says, "I think Moonshade is going to hurt you very much, Jacqui."
Jacqueline says, "yes... yes she is."
-- Some of these things slip...

Mutsumi says, "Oh, Watermelons are excellent tools for sex."
Jacqueline says, "..."
Jacqueline says, "but.... um... isn't it kinda... well.... unless you're a shapeshifter.... er...."
Mutsumi says, "Oh, you have to cut them first, unless you're a rock troll."
Thoric vibrates.
Jacqueline says, "but.... er.... the seeds..... and.... the juices would just.... er...." She begins to get a glazed look to her eyes.
Mutsumi says, "Oh, the juices are the best part. But yes, you should trump all the seeds out of the watermelons, or else you can end up having to make embarrassing trips to Dr. Wasyuu."
-- more things about Mutsumi you probably didn't know

Drake asks, "Are you familiar with the geography of the Barimen Range?"
Jacqueline says, "Barimen Range? Never heard of it."
Drake twitches slightly. "You know, the mountain range we are currently IN?"
Jacqueline blinks slowly. "Ah."
-- She knew ignoring geography class would bite her in the ass one day...

"You'd end up with a Rebma-dominated universe, which would be twisted and wrong and require you to spend all your time being wet."
-- Drake, giving a good reason why it's a bad idea to draw a primal pattern in Rebma.

You can see more glints in the water. Coming from all directions. then they come into sight. Thousands upon thousands of swords, all diving towards your position. And one of them seems to shine with the stars of the sky.
R> Alan exclaims, "Oh, Christ, we've accidentally fallen into the ending of Utena!"
-- This seemed awfully familiar.

The mouse turns into Lord Falme. His flaming head immediately goes out, making him look annoyed. "I hate wet shadows."
-- But which flaming head?

Davros spits a lot, getting gunk out of his mouth, then says, "I will not want to eat squid again for a while."
Jacqueline shudders
Motoko shakes her head at him. "It's very disconcerting watching giant squid swallow you, love, even though I trust you to know what you're doing."
-- The many trials of loving a Chaosian...

The Logrus says, "JAcqUI is IN thE VOiD??????"
Morgenstern says, "Hah! That tops flinging people to Chaos for fucking up any day of the week!"
-- The day Morgenstern was waiting for has come to pass....

The Logrus says, "I Can'T FINd ThE SUroTH PluSHie. I THiNK, MAybE RAndOM aTe IT?"
-- passing the Random taste test.

John says, "OOC Motoko, you're knocked for a loop for a little while."
Motoko exclaims, "OOC - Good for me. Yay slightly-above-Amber Strength!"
Kanna OOCly apologizes for that, wasn't expecting to be used as a club, will work on this.
Motoko says, "OOC - No problem. In everyday life, being used as a club can happen unexpectedly to anyone."
Motoko says, "OOC - But at Great Western Life, we can help to insure--and assure--that your family is provided for should you suffer the misfortune of being used as a human club."
-- Alan becomes just slightly silly.

Motoko says, "Perhaps there are universes fortunate enough not to rub shoulders with a dozen other ones every time the moon is full. Unfortunately, we are not among them."
-- Familiarity breeds contempt in Motoko.

Thoric says, "Well, I'm going to be too busy getting ready for Jacqui's big expedition to worry about Wasyuu, I'm afraid." He frowns. "It's going to be very dangerous. Do you guys know what you'll be doing yet?"
Kanna shakes her head. "Not particularly...." She then blinks. "Big expedition?"
Beowulf says, "I'm pretty sure I'm going to be going up against at least one of Hel's generals, possibly more if I can finish the first one off quickly; probably other things as well, depending on circumstances, but they're going to need strong folks against the generals."
Beowulf finishes his cleaning solution, and starts scrubbing away at a particularly bad spot on the floor.
Thoric says, "Didn't you hear about that, Kanna?" He sounds surprised.
Kanna shakes her head, still somewhat confused. "Unless I've managed to miss a breifing somewhere, or I've forgotten about it over fast-time, or somebody dicked with my head without me being aware (all of which are perfectly possible), I have -no- clue what you're talking about, Thoric..."
Thoric blinks.
Thoric blinks again.
Thoric says, "Oh boy."
Kanna asks, "Is this a -good- 'Oh boy' or a -bad- 'Oh boy', thoric?"
Thoric says, "Umm, okay, here's the basic idea. We're going into Hel's universe, and we're going to erase her Pattern and replace it with a new one during the final battle."
Kanna BLINKS again.
Kanna stares, murmuring, "... good pyricorn, serpent, elder-gods, and anything else I can think of."
-- Why yes, this is the first time Kanna's heard of this, in over 270 logs...

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