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The Duc looms up in front of you like a wall. "Ahh, lady Jacqueline. It is so good to see you are attending this fair ceremonial."
He is tall, with short dark hair, and rather well muscled. His clothing is quite expensive and well-cut.
Jacqueline tries to walk through The Duc. He is, after all, Not Really There.
You bounce off him. He blinks.
-- No, really, he was just an illusion....

The next room, however, has Shaft, naked to the waist, perhaps because he has big fluffy angel wings, posing for a portrait being done by Ramon. It's not a very well done portrait.
Jacqueline shrieks and covers her eyes!
Thoric . o O (Please, don't let that be something out of my subconscious)
Mutsumi stops at the door and says, "Oooh, looking good, Uncle Ota!"
Jacqueline cries desperately, "Moving along now!"
-- More things about your parents you don't need to know.

Jacqueline . o O (It could be worse, we haven't met him ye-.... no, don't think about it. Don't. Pink fluffy bunnies, pink fluffy bunnies.)
You round a corner, and find a pink, fluffy bunny, perched on top of a pile of dead Amberites.
Jacqueline says, "..... no."
-- Well, we thought it'd be harmless....

Jacqui walks Pattern. You reach the center without major incident.
Mutsumi is telling about your adventures. "So, the wings were just sooo fluffy and white and cute."
Nanami looks like she's very amused.
Drake has a look like he's trapped with a rabid wolverine.
Jacqueline facepalms
Jacqueline says, "You're going to tell this to Uncle Ramon, aren't you."
Mutsumi says, "Don't you think he'd think it's funny?"
Jacqueline laughs weakly. "Nevermind."
Drake says with an effort to keep a straight face. "Ramon is terrified of wings. Best not to panic him."
Justice says he's lying his ass off.
Nanami says, "It's best people face their fears."
Jacqueline . o O (Ah. Differeing viewpoints centered upon the divulgence or lack thereof of homoerotic visions in Tir Na Nog. I should've gone to Rebma.)
-- And now she knows, and knowing is half the battle...

Mutsumi says, "King Gendo was a big meany."
Drake says, "Which is why we fired his exploding body out of a catapult, but that's another story."
Jacqueline says, "..."
Thoric says, "..."
Mutsumi says, "..."
Jacqueline asks, "that unpopular, huh?"
-- Yep, that unpopular.

Drake says, "No, I am not suggesting that Winnie the Pooh become the champion of Jacqui's Pattern."
Jacqueline opens her mouth to comment, but finds herself at a loss for words
Mutsumi says, "Aww."
-- Pimpin' the Pooh

Jacqueline sighs, trying to imagine Turtle banners and a Church of the Turtle. It just isn't the same...
Jacqueline imagines Aunt Kanna saying 'Great Pyroturtle!'. No, definitely not the same.
Thoric glances over at Jacqui and says, "Do you have another preference, honey?"
Jacqueline says, "I dunno... a more.. well.... fierce and noble animal god would be nice... but given the circumstances and our needs, the Turtle God is our best choice, I think."
Jacqueline touches Thoric's hand and floods his head with visions of Turtle Banners, Church of the Turtle, and Aunt Kanna saying 'Great Pyroturtle!'.
Thoric twitches violently and nearly falls on the Pattern.
Mutsumi puts her hands on her hips. "The Turtle is a kind and noble creature!"
-- Even if Mutsumi likes it, it just isn't the same....

Ivan the Mad requotes himself
"If no one else does, I might throw a point at it, just to be able to take the damn thing and put in a locked box in a locked safe in a locked room in a locked wing of a maximum security prison in a locked shadow that's put in a locked bottle that's kept in the locked chest under Fuyutsuki's locked room overlooking the Primal Pattern.":
-- Dan on the topic of the Necronomicon auction for the Third Gen game

Alan - "Use Pattern Scry. Find the members of 'The Super Blossom Trio' if they're in the castle."
John - "You reach out with your mind, scrying. You feel another powerful mind with Pattern reach out and rend your scrying limb from limb. However, you can recognize the mind behind that as Touga." to you.
Motoko exclaims, "Something else! Talk about something else! Not the Super Blossom Trio!"
Mitsune says, "Uhhh...Hmm, right. Okay, Hmm, Davros, do you think 'The Mirror of Love' would be appropriate to close off the rites with?"
Motoko exclaims, "Not that! Not that!"
Motoko suddenly starts out of her chair. "The diorama! Unnaughty the diorama!"
Mitsune leaps over and dives at the diorama. She ends up on the floor with half-naked action figures all over her.
-- The indiscretions of youth are better left buried.

Hey, you know, Earth, Wind, and Fire were such a great band...maybe there's a Primal Version of them who could help defeat Hel...
Kanna makes a nghrrrrrr sound as she walks, hands twitching at sides. Pattern, think of the Pattern, Happy Fun Pattern Defense, think of Ruka, Ruka in hotpants... agh....
Beowulf looks rather bewildered at Kanna's external reactions... twitching, twitching isn't a good thing, is it?
You know, Naga really has a pretty great fashion sense. If you dressed like that, Ruka wouldn't talk about having to work all the time...
Kanna . o O (Lo, though I walk through the valley of Funk and Hot Sex, I shall fear no Evil Randiness. I retain the core of my Self and Being, I shall continue to dress normally...)
I'm Going to Sex You Up could make a great wedding march, you know.
Or maybe I'm too Sexy would be better. You could probably find the Right Said Fred of Which all others are shadows pretty easily.
Kanna is a Princess of Ember! She shall keep her decisions her own! She shall stay away from the Randy thoughts that batter at her! And she will have a MUCH BETTER SINGING GROUP THAN -THAT-!!!
Oh man, there's a shadow where EVERYONE is Barry White. OOOOH.
Kanna keeps walking, PatternDefending like a mofo.
Man, if Ruka had a voice like that...
Kanna seems to have developed an interesting facial tic as she walks. But, she keeps walking, Pattern Defending, as she can't stop.
-- Kanna walks the Redrawn Water Pattern

Seamus sings!
"The devil went down to Kansas
He was lookin' for a soul to steal
He was in a bind 'cause he was way behind
And he was willing to make a deal
When he came across this graduate
Running a Amber game and playing it hot
And the devil jumped up on a GURPS rulebook
And said, "Boy let me tell you what..."
--Actually a quote from the finale of TAMD, but...

Tobias says, ""I'll use the JoJ? to talk to King Ty-" "STOP YO' JIBBA-JABBA, NEMURO FOO'! Why you usin' the pri-mal source of Order when you could be dialin' 1-800-Collect an savin' Amber money?""

--Mike's comment on the 1-800-Collect version of Amber...

Alan says, "We gotta start figuring out how to do the same stuff to our enemies that they regularly do to us."
Tobias asks, "You mean get slaughtered en masse?"
Alan says, "Well, no, not that part."
Tobias asks, "You mean losing all our reserves, then?"
Alan says, "No, not that part, either."
--learn to know when you're doing well...

Motoko slides it over her head, wiggling a little to get it to fit properly, then picks up her sword. "All right. To the walls." She rubs the wooden hilt. "I have, to be honest, more than mere defiance to hurl."

Davros dries himself quickly and everyone else with Breath, then puts on the robes of Kundali again. "I never thought I'd wear this insignia," he says softly. "Yes, it's time to rain down death on our foes, before we rain down kisses on each other."

--Violence makes the heart grow fonder?

Horny Patternghost Shaft shouts, "YO! Listen up, people! We're not around forever, so let's FUCK SOME SHIT UP IN THE NAME OF AMBER, LIFE, HOPE, AND _GOOD FREAKIN' SEX_!"

--When Horny Patternghosts attack

(OOC Comment) Akio says, "He's the cat who won't cop out when there's Primal chaos all about.'"

--Talkin' 'bout Lord Atleby; can you dig it?

Beowulf nods. "Speaking of Uncle Mikage..." He sighs. "Do you have anything that would help him, even a little?"
Shinobu says, "Unfortunately, they were all out of 'Excedrin special formula for blood curses' at the drug store, so I'm afraid not."
--Shinobu demonstrates the tact for which she is famed

Mutsumi shakes her fist. "You're going to apologize!"
Thoric says softly, "Getting an apology out of Aunt Shinobu is like trying to get blood from a stone, Mutsumi. Let it go."
Shinobu twitches. "At least I don't go around FUCKING MY RELATIVES like your half your degeneration does!"
Jacqueline winces.
Shinobu says, "Did someone whisper 'Incest is best, put your cousins to the test' in your ears when you people were asleep or what?"
--Shinobu demonstrates that she is not pro-harem

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