page thirteen

Saionji says, "So she IS having kinky sex!"
Jacqueline touches Mutsumi's hand and psyhically transmits, 'let's not bring this up, it'll only depress him more.'
Mutsumi says, "Kinky would be if they all shapeshifted into each other's appearance and then had sex like that."
Jacqueline . o O (Aiyaaah, Motoko is gonna hate this.)
Mutsumi says, "Or if Davros did them all at once with Logrus tendrils or something."
Smoke comes out of Michelle's ears.
Thoric says, "Honey, I think Grandfather understands."
Jacqueline says, "ahahah, hah, hah, but of course they're doing no such thing"
Jacqueline says, "they are,as Thoric said, performing a very sacred ritual"
Jacqueline says, "and should be done right about now."
Mutsumi says, "Or if, say, Motoko turned into a boy and Davros turned into a girl, and they did it like that." She starts to flush slightly. "Or if they did that thing on flashcard 52..." She starts to fumble in her pockets. "I did give her a copy of the cards, so I suppose they might have tried it, though she didn't ask me for any watermelons..."
Jacqueline blinks. "Hey, you never showed me these cards."
More smoke comes out of Michelle's ears.
Michelle says faintly, "Did Davros tell them all about how no one has nudity taboos in Chaos?"
Jacqueline asks, "..... they don't?"
Sif says, "He said, WHAT?"
Mutsumi blinks, "Oh, I never showed you the flashcards Auntie Kozue made me?"
Jacqueline shakes her head. "No, you didn't."
Thoric says, "Honey, save them for when my mother and grandfather and various Chaosians I met an hour ago aren't watching us."
Jacqueline says, "...... oh."
Mutsumi says, "Davros makes a very pretty girl. And Motoko makes a very handsome boy. Rather like her father. It's no wonder Moonshade likes her."
Jacqueline, out of embarrasment, just looks down at her pattern for a moment and admires how not too jagged it came out. Good thing it didn't turn out to be a naked mutsumi and thoric.
--Motormouth Mutsumi at work

Motoko says, "Drawing a Pattern and having sex in the middle of a war zone aren't so dissimilar. They both leave you horribly vulnerable, require a concentration that ignores all outside events, and leave you to rely on protection from others..."
Davros says softly, "What we do is the holy command of the Serpent. Let there be no doubt of....oooohhhh...." Moonshade looks up at him for a moment, and grins, then keeps scrubbing. "The fact that it is the fulfillment of our wanton sexual merely a side benefit, the reward for....oooohhhh....." He grits his teeth. "But yes, I think your parents will not be entirely pleased."
--Pre-sacred nookie discussion

Motoko says, "Explain the religious significance of the pre-Rite cleansing. Focusing on the metaphysical side helps to distract from the physical one." She starts working on Mitsune's chest.
Mitsune shivers happily as she is scrubbed. "Think of Chef Bork. If you get turned on from that, there's just no hope for you."
Motoko says, in a slightly shrill voice, "Bork me! Bork me hard!"
Moonshade makes a face of nausea. Davros says, "You see, this is symbolic of rebirth. We are cleansed of our sins and made pure; we shed our skins and are reborn anew. As I run this cloth of soapy water along Isillome's muscular legs, I am not just removing dirt, but showing that I accept her into my heart, that I am willing to touch her physically and emotionally. As we cleanse each other physically, we also cleanse each other spiritually. Then we may stand clean before the Serpent, wearing our new skins, ready to join in holy union with him and each other."
--Ritual Explanations

Moonshade says, "There's few things better than spitting in the face of death. Especially when you then kick death in the balls, throw him down the stairs, and take his shit."
--Moonshade on defiance

Motoko finishes her kanji.
Motoko says, "Winter cannot last forever."
Motoko says, "Death must bow to life, as life must bow to death."
Mataka . o O (...)
Motoko slices her sword down through the air, spins it along her wrist, then sheathes it.
Motoko points down below, where fighting rages in the streets. Ghostly figures, dozens of them, are beginning to form.
The ghosts pass from transparence to translucence to a near-solidity. At their head is Shaft, in the full regalia of the Marshal of Amber, with his heavy black trenchcoat worn over it. He holds a simulacrum of Justice that flickers and periodically spits off sparks of golden Pattern. Behind him are others : Saionji, Gendo, Kozue, and a very young trio consisting of Drake, Tylor and Touga, all decked out rather foppishly. And others, a great horde of Patternghosts, all of them with the same tense, expectant expression as Motoko.
Horny Patternghost Shaft shouts, "YO! Listen up, people! We're not around forever, so let's FUCK SOME SHIT UP IN THE NAME OF AMBER, LIFE, HOPE, AND _GOOD FREAKIN' SEX_!"
Motoko, up on the walls, cringes slightly.
Motoko looks down as the Patternghosts begin to cut a swathe through the enemy, takes a deep breath, shouts, "Go to it, Uncle Ota!", then begins another spell.
The hordes of Horny Patternghosts now begin to rush through the masses of troops below. Ota shouts, "Let's show 'em the A in Amber stands for ASSWHUPPING!" And then they begin to rampage through the hordes.

Just as four Chaosians are about to break through Eowyn's desperate shooting, there is a 'Pop' above them, and a man holding a pair of logrus tendrils shaped into blades appears and drops down onto one of them, stabbing the two next to it in the back. The short man wears the sigils of House Alars, and is a somewhat handsome man, with a pronounced hawk nose and eyes which shine brightly. The two men he stabbed spiral away, and he turns to stab the one he's riding on, who sprouts tentacles from his back which grab and squeeze the would-be rescuer, who shouts, "Hey, you're not supposed to do that before I kill you!!!!"
--Lord Atleby makes his premiere

The White Star rises into the air with Drake piloting.
Touga says, "You know, Drake, I just thought of something we should have had for this."
Drake says, "Another exploding corpse of Father?"
Touga nods.
Drake says, "Sadly, Father could only be flung from a catapult once and exploded to sink a Black Fleet."
Drake says, "That's why I collected Mother's body, rigged it to explode, and loaded it into the bomb bay."
Touga stares at him.
Kanna just arches an eyebrow at this.
Kanna . o O (Aunt Nanami must never, ever be told.)
Touga says, "Nanami will kill you for this."
Drake says, "No she won't. Sakura was in YOUR body when she died, remember."
Drake says, "Nanami will give me a medal."
Touga says, "You just think of everything."
-- Ah, the brotherly chat of Amber princes. (They have Issues)

You pour out of the ship and confront Hel herself, along with Wu-Corrine, Wu-Gil-Galad, Wu-Juri, Wu-Drake, Wu-Eowyn, and Wu-Van.
Hel's gaze sweeps across your ranks, and she laughs. "I see you forgot someone."
Drake says, "I see you forgot most of your Wu... oh, wait, WE KILLED THEM ALL."
Drake says, "I see you forgot to stop looking like a two-mug whore from the Dead Unicorn too. So how much hair gel does it take to make your hair stand straight up like that? Going to shout Kamehameha at us?"
Kuonji Ukyou says, "Surrender, Hel. You cannot defeat Drake's mouth."
-- Amber's secret weapon lets the Queen of Fugly Hair have both barrels.