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The Unicorn says, "There is much work for you, Jacqui. Taylor's many spawn need to be hunted down. And there are many fools who would walk his road who must be stopped."
Jaqueline says, "oh. well. always good to have a purpose in life."
-- Jacqueline taking this Destiny thing in stride.

"A hug would be nice. No one ever thinks to give me hugs."
-- The Unicorn, who just needs some love, really.

"Oh, hey..... Moriya and Mitsune, what'cha think?"
"They'll either be a love for the ages, or go mad and take 'Night Train to Lorca' as their theme song, Jacqui. You'd better make sure it's the former."
"Let me get this straight... .The Unicorn is telling me to be their matchmaker?"
The Unicorn grins.
A brief, maniacal grin flickers across Jacqueline's face.
-- The Unicorn gives Jacqueline 'Cupid' rank, for better or worse.

"I have au-thor-ah-tay!"
-- Jaqueline, letting the talk with the Unicorn reeeally get to her head.

Jaqueline blinks at Motoko. "You're really curious about this, aren't you."
Motoko waves her hands dismissively. "No, no; no interest whatsoever in the Rampaging Tiger Kiss. Sounds unsavoury. Possibly unhealthy. Certainly dangerous."
Moonshade grins. "You don't have to pretend you're not interested."
Jaqueline looks mildly offended. "Unsavoury? Unhealthy?"
Motoko exclaims, "I am not interested in this supposedly superior form of kissing!"
-- Motoko, protesting too much

Motoko asks, "Jacqueline, are you about to demonstrate the Rampaging Tiger Kiss on me while I'm in a trump contact with you in the middle of the main street outside the Church of the Unicorn, with my friend Davros--who happens to be a celibate monk--watching me?"
Jaqueline says, "well, yes." She launches into the Rampaging Tiger Kissing Technique.
-- Jacqueline power-tripping on this whole Ordained By Unicorn thing

Jaqueline waves at the people that were staring. "It's alright! The Unicorn cleared me for this sort of thing!"
This succeeds in making more people stare.
Motoko nods, looking around, somewhat dazed. "And I'm the Bride of the Serpent."
-- On why Jacqueline giving Motoko mad smoochies in public was Perfectly Fine.

Jaqueline frowns. "Well, you insulted the technique, I had to defend it."
-- Justifying giving Motoko mad smoochies Tiger Style.

Davros says, "Hello, my name is Davros. Nice to meet you." He pauses. "Please tell me you're not a sex ninja."
-- Davros meets Jacqueline.

Jaqueline says, "I'm not very familiar with him... er... her... welll...."
Jaqueline says, "see... it's an odd story"
Nausicaa asks, "Like Morgan?"
Jaqueline says, "well, no, not exactly. Cousin Morgan didn't sleep with dad."
Nausicaa says, "..."
-- Talking About Ukyou

"I am all the wonders of creation!"
-- Gabrielle's motto

-- Morgenstern's motto

The Dancing Swayvill Revue is to be found in the Dancing Swayvill CAfe
Imagine a Vegas Revue with strange looking chaos kings as the Dancing Girls.
Jaqueline . o O (King Ishmael in a skirt just doesn't work.)
Shinobu Minor boggles.
Moonshade has the look of someone trapped on the sixth plane of hell next to Jean Paul Sartre with no way out.
Moonshade says weakly, "You said something about tank rides?"
-- Some things you just don't want to see in Dworkinland.

Motoko sighs and shakes her head at Moonshade, then sits down in the chair Jacqui was in. "They really ought to just pull their trousers down and compare lengths if they want to settle the question of who can be the bigger idiot because of testosterone."
Moonshade laughs so hard she falls out of her chair.
-- Motoko watches Lucien and Nagisa butt heads

-- Moriya gets irritated about his reputation.

"So, the shot rings out, and I turn and ask 'And how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?'"
-- Kanna's one-line opinion of the events of Marching, May 7, 1332 AY

"Are you alright? You've seemed to be alone most of the evening."
Jacqueline nods. "It's a memorial service to my slain father. It tends to make one morose."
-- Davros, missing the obvious.

Nausicaa asks, "Jacqui? Are you all right?"
Jacqueline smiles sadly at Nausicaa. "More or less."
Jacqueline raises her glass to Nausicaa with a rueful smile. "Cheers."
Nausicaa raises her glass. "To family dinners."
Naru says feebly, "To family dinners."
Motoko raises her wine glass. "To family dinners, and to family, in all its glories."
Mutsumi says, "To Amber, the Eternal City. Long may its ships sail into the sunset, making all the worlds as one."
Lucien raises his glass.
Jacqueline . o O (One little toast between two people and I've started a chain reaction.)
Too Many NPCs for the DM to list raise their glasses.
Lucien says, "To Rebma. May she come once again into her beauty."
Beowulf raises his as well. "May we always remember each other." And just manages to avoid the 'can't we all get along?' plea.
Gabrielle says, "To Ember, that which shines above!"
Kanna nods to that, and lifts her own glass, finally. "To Ember, that her light shall shine and light Amber's glory and Rebma's beauties."
Jacqueline tries not to facepalm. The whole toast thing is spiraling out of control.
-- How one little toast beteen two cousins snowballed into The Great Toast Of Marches

Jacqueline grabs Moriya's nose, though not painfully.
Moriya nngks. "Jacqueline?"
Moriya says, a bit nasally, "Do you suddenly have fondness for pinching my nose?"
Jacqueline says, "Just a caution, keep up behaviour like last night's, and you might have even Mitsune thinking she's your rebound girl. And I grab your nose because grabbing your butt would be offensive."
-- Jaqueline and Moriya having another heart to heart.

"Perhaps you should give Mitsune a good 'wake up', hmmm?" Jacqueline flashes a brief maniacal grin. It's terrifying
Moriya snorts. "I thought you told me not to do things like that in public."
Jacqueline exclaims, "In public? Idiot! GO to her bedroom!"
Moriya looks at Jacqueline flatly. "With her parents just down the hallway in their set of suites?"
Jacqueline scowls. "You're from Lipun, aren't you?! Go put those ninja skills to work!"
-- some people just need a push....

Jacqueline says, "did I say you were boring? Mitsune said you were boring. I just thought you were as romantic as a wood panel. But you're getting better." She winks.
Moriya grumbles a little bit. "I'm a quiet, mysterious poet, who writes beneath the light of the moon among the roses and sakura. I thought that's considered romantic."
Jacqueline says, "well if you move like poetry too, I'm sure she'll be happy." She COUGHS.
Moriya's eyebrow twitches. "...mmmmhmmm."
-- The debate on Moriya's mack-level continues.

The later volumes describe Taylor's plans to sow chaos.
These plans included -- Killing Shaft. Convincing House Tremere to stop having their heads up their asses. Getting a P-Blade and chopping down Yig. Getting Kozue to have sex with Miki so she would loosen up. Getting Utena laid.
Teaching Gabrielle to play the Bagpipes so he could have a duet with her.
Nausicaa says, "This ranges from the truly wicked to the merely insipid."
Nausicaa says, "And then there's this..."
Getting that annoying goody-goody Nausicaa to wander the Dead Unicorn naked and drunk.
Nausicaa's eyebrows shoot way up.
-- Taylor's journal, and Nausicaa's reactions

Motoko leans down, and, with the brush of her lips, traces the Great Spiral on Jacqui's forehead. "Serpent bless you and all you love," she murmurs. "Bless you, and bring you peace." She finishes tracing it upon Jacqui's forehead and then, with her index finger, traces the Spiral over her heart, with the lightest of touches. "Peace, and an end to sorrows."

Jacqueline opens her eyes and looks away. "Do what you have to, and if it saves the innocent, well, that's fine. Just know that I am coming for Lord Lowen, eventually, and that you cannot dissuade me from."

--Motoko blesses Jacqui at the Marches Ball and Jacqui's response

Autolyca pages, "Lucien wonders why Davros fgoes into a frothing rage whenever that fellow with the 20-foot scarf shows up... :)" to you.

--Jeff comments on Davros' name.

"Ruka? How particularly attached are you to this boat?"
"I am rather more attached to my life."
"Thought so."
-- Kanna and Ruka, the Morning After, right before they escaped from the attacking whales.

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