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"It's KMORG! ALL MORGENSTERN, ALL THE TIME!" George Clinton blares out of the ring for about five seconds, then Morgenstern says, "Sorry about that."
Jacqueline gets Noise Whiplash
Motoko twitches.
Davros' hair blows in the wind for those five seconds.
-- Morgenstern knows how to make an entrance.

"I don't care to repeat that experience any time soon. I've gotten worse during battles, but you're not expected to sit there calmly while a small chunk of your body gets taken out. There's a lot more screaming, and I usually get to be doing something back to them, too."
-- Moriya, on giving a bone marrow sample.

Mitsune says, "She and Davros seriously need to shag each other madly before they explode."
-- Mitsune on Motoko.

"Amber needs a friendly Rebma in order to prosper. If Lucien seems able to retake Rebma and recreate the Water Pattern, I will leave it to him. Otherwise, if I have to lead an army of giant smurfs across shadow to repopulate it, I will."
-- Drake on the Rebma Situation. Ahhh, politics.

Very faintly from Jacqui's ring, you can hear, 'It's a me, Mario! No...aaaaaahhhh!!!!!"
-- Mario meets The Legion of Yaoi Bishonen.

Jacqueline asks, "_flat_..... I've been called incompetent, clums... clumsy.... a walking disaster zone.... but never _flat_." She turns to Motoko. "Hey, am I flat?" She grabs Motoko's hand and presses it to her chest. "This isn't flat, right? right?"
Motoko squeezes testingly. "No. You're built like me. Small, but pleasing."
-- Mildly Drunk Breast Size Testing.

Jacqueline exclaims, "HEY! POETRY! YOU'RE DODGIN' THE QUESTION!"
-- Jaqueline demanding Moriya's views on Jacqueline's breasts.

Jacqueline says, "oooh, nude monk, didn't wanna see. Daquiri, please, someone give me a daquiri."
-- Not everybody cares to see a naked Davros.

Jacqueline says by reflex, "Not My Fault."
Lian wanders over to Jacqui and hugs her briefly, smiling. "It's okay, Jacqui. Such things happen."
Jacqueline says, "no, really, it's Not My Fault."
-- No, really, it wasn't her fault.

Jacqueline grins maniacally. "Sssso... sat'n his pillar yet?"
Motoko says, "Moriya and I have both sat on his pillar, Jacqui-chan."
Jacqueline exclaims, "IEEE! Moriya sat on his pillar!"
Jacqueline bowls over, laughing
Jacqueline snickers and elbows Shinobu. "He... HHAHAHA... Moriyasatonhispillar WAHHAHAHA!"
-- talking about Davros, who evidently gets lot of pillar action.

Kanna . o O (All grandpa gendo needed was more hugs.)
-- Kanna, after talking to Patternghost-Gendo.

Kanna eats. Oh, the drama.
--A rare quiet moment for Kanna.

"F*** destiny!"
-- Tsk, chibi-Motoko has a potty mouth.

Rimmer says, "Ready. Let us go mug evil. Bun-Bun, save it for the undead."
Bun-Bun says, "Will the undead be busty and in bathingsuits?"
Jacqueline says, "oh, good, that's nice. okay, let's go before the entire universe decides to migrate here......."
Gherman asks, "Right, though let's save the mugging until we know they can't stab us in the back, shall we?"
Rimmer says, "Well, they're in a sand-filled location..."
-- With friends like these...

"How have you been doing, Jacqui?"
Jacqueline says, "I... er.... alright, I guess." She smiles weakly. "Nobody flung to chaos yet, after all."
Lily smiles. "Always a good thing."
Beowulf chuckles ruefully. "And no one dropped to the ground from a dispelled zeppelin. So I suppose we're running a bit better than usual."
Jacqueline says, "actually... that already happened."
-- Proving that disaster does in fact repeat itself.

Gabrielle says, "It could be worse."
Gabrielle says, "There could be horny bison."
Lian says, "Things are bad enough without horny bison."
Kanna just mrgs at the mention of the horny bison.
In the distance, you hear the sound of much mooing.
Kanna LOOKS at her sister.
Gabrielle exclaims, "It's not my fault! I swear!"
Lian gives Gaby The Look. "Gaby ... don't say anything until we reach the crater."
Gabrielle says, "The only time Horny Bison ever appeared in Arden is when they were brought by the Questing Bea-mmrgh."
Gabrielle shuts up.
Kanna nods, slowly.
-- Investigating the damage done to Arden. (And for the record, technically the bison were Gabrielle's fault...)

Lian just shakes her head. "Not now, Vash. Though I'll look into a self-duplicating magical donut for you."
Vash's eyes widen. "That would be heaven. I'd have to marry you for that."
Lian says, "... or maybe not."
Vash looks hurt.
-- Mmmm ... donuts.

Keiko says, "I have hidden from them too long." She sighs ruefully. "It is strange. I am a Princess of Ember, a Duchess of Amber. Lightning comes at my command. I can snuff out entire universes if they irritate me. But the thought of one of my mother's lectures still terifies me."
Motoko says, "What's sung to you in the cradle stays with you to the grave."
-- Motoko and Keiko discuss Keiko's parents.

"Sorry for the wait," {Corrine} says. "How are you today?"
"Hi mom, doing much better, now that Lian replaced my kidney... soory 'bout the timing of the call, earlier." She blushes.
Her eyes widen with worry, "You had a kidney failure?"
Kanna quirks a smile. "Eeyyyah, two short swords stabbed through them by the same guy would count as a kidney 'failure', yah, mom."
Corrine winces.
-- The perils of being an action-heroine.

Jacqueline looks up in the general direction of the sun. "YO! BLUE BOY! COME GET SOME!"
There is a pause, then a pop, and then Jacqui gets her head caved in by Mr. Blue Hair.
-- sometimes it's best not to taunt.

Jacqueline whacks at the man's skull again and again and again and again and again....
Moonshade says, "Me next, Jacqui."
Jacqueline grins maniacally at Moonshade. "Why wait? Join in! Uncle Mo! A #40 mallet for my sister!"
Jacqueline resumes converting skull to pulp
Rimmer watches the two berserk sister merrily malleting a corpse to pulp, and wonders why people get worried about _him_.
-- post-battle stress relief, Tenjou style.

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